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Promotion Mindset - Part 6 Are You Committed To Your Promotion?

PROMOTION FEAR: I don’t have enough time to promote or I’m not promoting enough or am I promoting too much.
Staying consistent with your promotion includes working your plan daily.  If doesn’t mean you have to do things every day, but it does mean you can schedule things to happen daily, so you look like you are promoting ever day even if you under deep deadlines.
I’ve learned that you can’t do everything and be every place.  When I published my first book, by the time the year was over I was burnt out on promoting.  I had tried to do everything every day.  I wore myself out.  It taught me that I wasn’t Super Writer and you don’t have to be either.
You can make time for promoting and be consistent without wearing yourself out.
I teach my clients that it’s about getting your books/products in front of the readers or customers daily.  You can do this by scheduling promotion, daily, weekly or monthly.  You can sit down every day and send out promotion if you don’t want to schedule it.  It’s your choice how you want to promote, just promote.
You can’t expect to write books or create products and not do the promotion.  Eventually you will have all these books or products that no one knows about, and you aren’t making any money.  Then all those fears you’ve been working so hard to get past, will return in full force. 
Include it in your schedule.  Take 15 minutes each day to get you started and then build on that time.  As you get into the habit of taking 15 minutes to promote, you will get into the habit of talking about your book or product more and sharing it with others.  It will become something you look forward to doing vs resenting it.  You have to make time for your promotion.
Staying consistent doesn’t have to be a chore.  Look at it as an opportunity to meet a new reader.  You want to share your book or product with this person and you want them to be excited and hopefully purchase it.  They will never know about your book if you don’t tell them about it. 
Do you have a fear of asking for help?  This use to be one of mine,  I didn’t want to bother anyone, or I didn’t want them to say no.
Ask for help when you need it.  Yes, you will need help.  Everyone needs help when they’re promoting.  Don’t keep thinking you’re going to get free help.  There’s only so much people can do for you.  If you’re a newbie, we’re going to help you as much as we can, but if you have ten or fifteen books—you need to make a plan and you need to come correct when you contact people.  If you don’t have the time to promote, then outsource the job to other people.  You need to get your VA (virtual assistant) to help pull things together.  People are so overwhelmed with promotion when they really don’t have to be. 
You can outsource a lot of things when it comes to promotion.  For instance, you can get me to do your e-blast for you or your social media campaigns.  You can go to other sites, too.  You don’t have to do it alone.  You do have to make the time and ask for help—but it won’t always be free help.  Even if you’re working with a VA, she’s not going to work for free.  She needs to pay her bills just as you need to pay yours.  Always be considerate when you’re working with other people.  They have families to feed, too.
Promotion Training is another form of help. Someone is always teaching the latest platform or services.  Invest in yourself.  If you’re having problems and don’t know what to do, get some help.  Don’t do it alone.
 Don’t sit there and believe you can’t sell anything, you can’t get in front of readers and it’s a done deal.  No, it’s not.  Get help.  Come talk to me.  Or talk to another writing coach so you can get your books in front of people.  You didn’t come into the business as a writer knowing how to promote your book.  That is something you learn every day. 
I didn’t know how to promote.  I had to learn.  It took me fifteen years to get it and I still don’t know everything.  It takes time to learn the promotion process. 
I want you to get help and get your books in front of people.  Don’t wait until the last minute, then say nothing is happening and you’re done.  I hear those words all the time.  I see it on Facebook a lot.  People are saying they’re done with writing.  They can’t find a readership.  They can’t sell any books. They’ve let the fears take over.
It’s because they don’t have a plan.  I ask writers what are they doing to promote their books and they tell me they’re on Facebook.  That’s it. Nothing else.  You can’t move forward with your promotion if you don’t have a plan. If Facebook is all you are doing, you need a strategic plan to work Facebook, so you are meeting readers daily.
Don’t promote alone.  Find a fellow writer you can help each other promote and help each other stay consistent.  When you have a partner, you don’t feel so alone in the promotion world.
You can brainstorm together, you can create campaigns together, you can help support each other.
1.    Schedule 15 minutes to promote.  Set it on your clock/calendar
2.    Sign up for a promotion training or find a site to help you with your promotion.
3.    Find an accountability partner

I’m committed to my book promotion. #promotionmindset
Stop by Friday for Part 7.  If you have questions or comments, leave them in the comments.
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