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Day One – October 23, 2005 --Writing For The Lord

PANEL: Christian Anthologies
Dena Dyer, Mary Griffith, Sabra Robinson, Jacquelin Thomas, Robin Bayne

PANEL: Breaking Into The Christian Market
Mary Griffith, Stacy Hawkins Adams, Jacquelin Thomas, Cheri Paris Edwards, Lyn Cote

WORKSHOP: Fresh Ideas - Deartra Boone

DISCUSSION: How do we get our faith-based books to the big screen

Meet The Authors

Day Two - October 24, 2005 --New Writers

DISCUSSION: Writing Your Memoirs

WORKSHOP: Scene & Structure - Yolonda J. Greggs

WORKSHOP: Query Letter

WORKSHOP: Character Development - Deatra King Bey, Barbara Scott TWO THREE

PANEL: Are you ready for submitting?
Cindy Appel, Lindsay Murdock, Deatra King Bey, Lyn Cote

WRITING CLINIC – Critique of writing – Query Letter
Ann Clay, Wayne Jordan, A. C. Artist, Leah Mullin, Barbara Scott, Maxine E. Thompson, Lindsay Murdock, Michelle Monkou, Elenore Shields, Alice Wooten

PANEL: Magazine Writing
Barbara A Custer, Kathryn Lay, LaShaunda C. Hoffman

Meet The Authors

Day Three – October 25, 2005 --Reader’s Day

PANEL: Men In Fiction
Wayne Jordan, J.J. Murray, Varian Johnson, R. Barri Flowers, Vincent Alexander, Edwardo Jackson

PANEL: Hair and Beauty Tips for Today's Woman
Cheryl Talley Moss, Tia Williams

PANEL: Online Book Clubs
LaShaunda C. Hoffman - SORMAG Book Club, Marina Woods-Good Girls Book Club, Tee C. Royal-RAW Sistaz Book Club, Tara Green-The Romance BookClub

PANEL: Reader Sites
Wayne Jordan - Color of Romance, Cydney Rax - Book Remarks, LaShaunda C. Hoffman - Shades Of Romance, Tee C. Royal-RAW Sistaz

PANEL: "Christian Dating: talk about it, read about it, write about it?"
Janice Robinson, Tia Mccollors

Day Four – October 26, 2005 --Advance Writers


DISCUSSION: Writer's Associations: How to choose the one right for you.

WORKSHOP: Confession Writing - Pat Byrdsong

PANEL: Meet The Editor Stacy Boyd - Harlequin, Krista Stroever - Steeple Hill, Karen Thomas - Dafina Books, Monica Harris – Dorchester Books, Charlene Keel - Tantalizing Tales, Noemi Rivera - Ocean's Mist Press

PANEL: EditingDeatri King Bey, Dyanne Davis, Dr. Bob Rich, Lindsay Murdock, Lyn Cote

PANEL: Hot Genres
Michelle Buckley, Eduardo Jackson – Chick Lit
G. Miki Hayden, Diane Dorce - Mystery
Monica Jackson - Paranormal
Celise Downs - Young Adult
Sandra E. Harris – Urban Fiction
Beverly Jenkins – Romantic Suspense
Celine Chatillon - Erotica

Day Five – October 27, 2005--Self Publishing

DISCUSSION: E Books-the pros, the cons, the successes

PANEL: POD vs Subsidy Vs True Self publishing
Shelia M. Goss, Celise Downs , Vanessa Davis Griggs, Cheril N. Clarke, Gena Garrison, Teressa Leath, Anisa Damien


DISCUSSION Teaching writing in your community-the pros, the cons, and how toget started



PANEL: Writing Non-Fiction
Dr Bob Rich, Barbara Joe Williams

Day Six – October 28, 2005 --The Business Of Writing

PANEL: I got the call now what?
Shirley Hailstock, Sophfronia Scott, Lyn Cote

PANEL: Working With an Agent
Bettye Griffin, Sophfronia Scott, Dara Girard, Vivian Beck, Lyn Cote, Sha-Shana Crichton

WORKSHOP: Pitching 1

PANEL: Tips to stay disciplined
Stacy Hawkins Adams, Sophfronia Scott, Electa Rome Parks, Michelle Monkou, Lori Soard

PANEL: PR PizzazMichelle Buckley, LaShaunda Hoffman, Belinda Williams, Pam Perry, Dee Stewart

WORKSHOP - Pitching 2

WORKSHOP - The A, B, Cs of Plotting - Michelle Monkou

Day Seven – October 29, 2005 -- Promotion

PANEL: Internet Marketing For Writers
Sylvia Hubbard, LaShaunda Hoffman, Tanya Bates, Sheila Goss, Vanessa Davis Griggs, Jacqueline Coffey, Lori Soard

WORKSHOP: Websites

PANEL: Magazine Promotion
James Lisbon, AMAG, LaShaunda Hoffman -SORMAG , Shunda Leigh- Booking Matters

WORKSHOP: Press Releases - Can you write one yourself? – Shelia M. Goss

PANEL: Is Blogging Good For Writers
Shelia M. Goss, Monica Jackson, Mary Griffith, LaShaunda Hoffman, Brenda Coulter

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