Wednesday, October 26, 2005

DISCUSSION Teaching writing in your community-the pros, the cons, and how to

DISCUSSION Teaching writing in your community-the pros, the cons, and how to get started

Have you taught writing? Are you thinking about teaching writing? Let's discuss it.


LaTara Ham-Ying said...

I would love to teach writing. I am a homeschool mom and I do teach my 13-year-old a great deal.

I would, however, love to teach others that craft of writing, but I don't know where to start.

LaTara (Badge #27)

Institute of Africana Cosmology said...

Hi Everyone,

Since becoming familiar with Hope Clarks Grants for Writers I've become intriqued with the idea of teaching community writing courses that would be underwritten through grants in addition to paying students.

I'm wondering have any of you all taught writing classes in your community?

If so did you set it up or were you approached to do it?

Do you teach regularly?

How do you determine how much to charge?

I am currently writing a distance learning course curriculum as well as organizing a creative expression course for homeless African American women in my community but these are targeted to a very small audience. They really aren't open to the public. So I'm interested in listening to those of you who have taught courses for a larger audience.

Thank You,
Meri #129

Institute of Africana Cosmology said...

Hi LaTara,

You bring up a great point.

I was a homeschool mom too and I think the joy of teaching has stayed with me.

When I think of where to start I wonder what type of course to teach and how to attract students. I'm interested in the continuing education community college depts and parks and recreation centers but senior centers peak my curiosity too. Because I am a personal chef I'm thought of combining my two loves and working them-like a cooking class combined with expressing their joy of food in writing haiku or other types of poetry...don't laugh! I'm serious! I just want to lighten up the seriousness of food and eating you know?

Well enough 'bout me. I'm hoping that one of the authors who enters this discussion will grace us with a little ebook telling us how to get started in teaching writing courses. Now there's a sure little money maker. Maybe I'll start interviewing writers right now...humm...


LaShaunda said...

Online writing courses, is way to break into the teaching community.

You can turn an article into a course. Start small and work your way up.

My first course was online promotion. It was an article I turned into a workshop. It last for four weeks through emails.

Institute of Africana Cosmology said...

hi everyone!

this link looks at how to teach your own little mini-workshop and comes from a page that teaches writers how to host events for extra income.

just what i was looking for ultimately-guidelines on how to craft a plan that would include a online and in person reading group as well as hosting other events to market my writing and the writing of others. i'm so excited to have found it since i've been looking to no avail for guidelines on how to figure this out.


LaShaunda said...

Hi Meri,

The dabbling mum is a great resources. You also sell different courses from her site.

LaShaunda - OO

Shelia said...

Thanks Meri for the link.

Shelia (Badge#16)

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