Sunday, August 23, 2009


Welcome to the conference mix and mingle room.

I've asked the Neely's to provide a few snacks:

Fried Green Tomatoes with Basil Mayonnaise
Barbecue Deviled Eggs
Coconut Shrimp with Spicy Peanut Sauce

Chocolate Pound Cake
Southern Red Velvet Cake

Puker-Up Lemon-Limeade
Lazy Sunday Mimosa

So come in, grab something eat and drink and introduce yourself.

If this is your first conference, here’s the room to ask your questions.

This is the place to network. Share your website or blog.

Tell us about what you’re working on or introduce us to your book.

This is the only room you can do promotion in if you’re not a member of a panel.

If you would like to promote your book, please check out our sponsorship page.

All promotions in any other room will be deleted.


Shelia Goss said...

Good morning all. LaShaunda thanks for putting together the conference. I've either attended or participated each time so I'm glad to be back once again :)

My name is Shelia Goss. I'm an avid reader and author of women's fiction and young adult books. My websites are or

I hope to reconnect with old friends and gain some new ones as well as learn as much as I can this week.

maxxgrl said...

Hi! my alter ego is maxxgrl and I love to read and write for pleasure. I'm looking forward in getting to know everyone while learning the craft of writing/publishing and everything else in between.

Unknown said...

Welcome everyone, I’m LaShaunda Hoffman your host for this event. I’m excited that we’re hosting another conference. Every year I say this is the last one, but I end up talking myself into another one. I’m always glad I did. So this year I decided that I wouldn’t say this is the last one again. I’ll continue to offer the conference as long as God will let me. This is my way to give back and I believe we should always give back.

These past few weeks have been crazy, so I’m so glad that I was able to get the conference on the blog. So if I seem a little loopy that’s why.

My hope for this conference is for you to learn some new things. Meet some wonderful authors and meet a few new friends. For the aspiring writer, I pray you get the YES you‘ve been waiting on. To our panel members, thank you, thank you, thank you. Time is precious to a writer and I know it takes time to participate in conferences, so I want you to know I appreciate you.

This room will be available everyday of the conference, so stop in frequently and mingle. That’s the fun part of the conference mingling.

Congrats to our first poster – Shelia Goss.

Girl you beat me making my welcome speech. Thanks for the loyal support. Check the Prize page to see what you won.

Welcome Maxxgrl enjoy the conference.

Evangelist Donovan said...

Hey LaShaunda,

Cheryl Donovan here. Thanks so much for having me. This conference is a great idea. I look forward to participating.

LaShaunda said...


Thanks so much for participating and for the beautiful prayer.

Look forward to mingling with you. :)

Shelia E. Lipsey said...

Good morning everyone. This is my third or fourth conference. I am excited about this year's conference.

My name is Shelia E. Lipsey. I am an author of Christian fiction, an inspirational speaker and literary experrt. You can find many places on the web. For one: or email me at

I know that God is already blessings this years conference!

Unknown said...

hi, everyone.

i'm dee stewart. i'm the owner of deegospel pr and christian ficrion blog. during this year's conference i will chat with you about online marketing and social media design as a component to your marketing plan.

i invite you to participate in our 30 days to build a better book blog course next month. this is a free event, but you must register.

lashaunda, i am so proud of you! coordinating and planning literary events a huge undertaking.


C. M. Jones said...

Hello Everyone,
My name is C. M. Jones and I am happy to be here. I published my debut novella, I Still Do, with Author House in November of 2008. In Decemeber of 2009, my second publication, Nothing Is Too Hard For God, will be released with my own publishing company HortonJones, Inc. I am also a high school English teacher and mentor. On September 19,2009 I will be conducting a writing and publishing seminar in Kaiserslautern Germany, which is where I live. To learn more about me, my books and my events log on to my website

Tee C. Royal said...

Hello all!

It's great to participate in the conference once again. I am Tee C. Royal, founder of RAWSISTAZ Literary Group and our subsidiaries. I'm an avid reader (though not so avid since I had my second child), a freelance reviewer, editor, literary agent, and I also like to dabble with web design.

I'm looking forward to the conference and hope to stop through daily. If you'd like to check out my sites, you can do so at and

LaShaunda, kudos once again for following through with the conference in light of everything going on. You and your family remain in my prayers.


Dyanne said...

LaShaunda, your mom is in my prayers.

To the people furnishing the treats, AW, I want some pound cake and lemonade for REAL. Smile(


Linda Beed said...

LaShaunda you are the best.

Thank you for all that you do for others.


iris celeste said...

Hello everyone!
I'm Iris Celeste, Christian Fiction author of debut novel Praise Your Way Through. My website is
I'm looking forward to learning more and mingling with many.

ashea goldson said...

Hi, I'm Ashea Goldson, a Christian fiction writer, and author of The Lovechild released by Urban Christian in August 2008.My second novel Joy Comes In The Morning will be released in July 2010. I'm excited to participate in this event.

Jeanette Hill said...

Hello, I am Jeanette Hill. I am a playwright and short story writer (trying it again:). I'm conducting the workshop, Writing Christian Drama.

Many Kudos to you, Miss LaShaunda for your dedication and tenacity in continuing this conference. Praise God for the good news about your mother also. God is still in the blessing business!!

SanTara said...

Good Evening Everyone!!
My name is SanTara and this is my first conference. I am an aspiring writer and former avid reader (i've leveled down to occasional reader since child Thank You Lashaunda for making this event available. I look forward to learning new things and meeting new people.

Shawneda said...

Ola mi amigas! My name is Shawneda Marks and this is my second online SORMAG conference. I'm an admitted word addict who loves reading and writing. My novel It's in My Blood will be released on December 1. I host an online web show called Faithful Folios and am working on several other events to support and promote Christian literature. Find out everything you want to know and more about me

LaShaunda I'm so glad things are better with your mom and that you persevered and put this event on in the midst of it all. GOD bless and rain favor down upon you!

PatriciaW said...

Hey LaShaunda! Thanks so much for putting together this online conference again. I think I've attended all but the very first one.

I'm Patricia Woodside. I'm an avid reader and an aspiring author of multicultural Christian/inspirational romance. I write book reviews for SORMAG and for as well as wander all over the blogosphere. Glad to see everyone here taking advantage of this awesome opportunity!

Tyora Moody said...

Hi, I'm Tyora Moody, mainly known as Ty to most. I look forward to presenting the online marketing workshop on Friday.

LaShaunda, thank you for the opportunity. I'm looking forward to this week's conference. I know you put a lot of hard work into it and it's already started off being a blessing.

Folks can visit me online at

ashea goldson said...

Hello Ladies,
It's good to see you all here. Thank you LaShaunda for this wonderful opportunity for writers, published and unpublished.You have truly planted a seed that will not go unnoticed.
God bless you and may all your writing dreams come true.

Marcy Thomas said...

Hello LaShaunda,

I can't believe I almost forgot the conference was today. I came in during Linda's presentation. It was very informative!

wanda said...

Good evening everyone (I'm on the West Coast)and thanks LaShaunda for your hard work.

My name is Wanda B. Campbell. I write Christian fiction novels. Check out my website: to learn more about me and my latest novel, Illusions.

Rose said...

Hello LaShaunda. I almost missed coming here tonight. I've had a long two, great days at the Black Expo. Nevertheless, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to offer this conference. This is the second or third time that I have participated, not only that I learn so much coming here.

Hi Everyone:
My name is Rose Jackson-Beavers, publisher of Prioritybooks Publications, author, book review, columnist, and freelance writer, and so many other things I get tired thinking about it. But every since I can remember I have loved reading and writing. Still read more than 5-6 books per month even with all I do. What I love more than writing, God, my family and teenagers. Teenagers just touch my heart. You can visit my websites at, or my non-profit organization at or just drop by my blog at I wish each of you success in your writing endeavors.

Author Tia Hines said...

Hello everyone,

My name is Tia Hines and this is the first time that I'm attending this conference. Like Rose I almost forgot about today. I was on baby duty with my brothers 10 month old twin girls. Whoa, free birth control all the
I'm excited about this conference. It is very different and as far as I've been reading worth while. I've just released my second novel Poison:A Desire to Burn. It was written more for teens warning them of the dangers of having unprotected sex. I love my youth to death and working with them opened my eyes to the fact that they think because of their age, they are not subject to STDS--wrong! HIV which is my main focus in the book is alive and does not discriminate. I am preaching to my youth through fiction that HIV is real and it does not have a face. Just because a young woman has a big butt and a smile does not mean she is STD free. And just because a man is drop dead gorgeous wearing diamond rings or driving a fancy car doesn't make him STD free either. Check out my site at I'd love to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

My name is Brooks J. Young and this is my first online conference. I am the Founder and Executive Director of Touching Heart. Touching Heart services women and children who victims/survivors of domestic violence. I am also the founder and editor of Victorious Magazine which makes its debut next month and host of Victorious Voice Radio Show.

On December 2, 2009 I will release my first book, "No More Band-Aids: Stop the Cover Up. I am grateful to God that every setback was a setup!

LaShaunda, thank you for creating an outlet for writes, readers,publisher, publicist etc. You have been an inspiration to me even though I am pretty "quiet". Thank you for all the support and encouragement.

I can be contacted at Be sure to visit our website at

Bana said...

Hello all,

I am Savannah J. Frierson and I'm a primarily self-published author who writes women's fiction and romance with a particular focus on Black women and interracial relationships. I am also a freelance editor, and I will be on some panels during the SORMAG conference. For more information about me, you can visit SJF Books. Thank you LaShaunda for hosting this conference and your mother is in my thoughts!


Savannah J. Frierson

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody,

It's so wonderful to be here. Thanks LaShaunda for all your hard work and for always making this event such a great success.

~ Celeste O. Norfleet

Unika Molden said...

Hello All,

My name is Unika Howell-Molden. I am honored to be participating in this conference. This will be my second online conference. Thank you to LaShaunda for allowing a forum for readers and authors to communicate. I look forward to sharing information and learning more about the literary industry.

I am an avid reader and freelance reviewer. I am also a freelance editor and blogger. You can check out my blogs at:

Jeanette Hill said...

I am enjoying this conference (including the snacks!). A lot of valuable information has been provided for writers at all stages of the profession. I am looking forward to the rest of the week with anticipation!

LaShaunda said...

Welcome everyone!

I didn't get a chance to stop by the room again after I posted yesterday. It was a busy day between praising God and setting up pages and hosting chats. I was too conked out to stop by.

I'm ready to party now. You know the best part about conferences is the partying.

For you slam jammers, how can I get the Karoke to work on the blog. LOL

I'm excited everyone is here, I hope you enjoy yourself.

I plan on giving out some prizes today, so check back later to see if you won.

Remember you can't throw your hat in the pot if you don't post a comment. I need to know you're here, no time for lurking.

P.S. You can win more than once. This year its all about participation.

Let the fun began :)

Author Shelia Lipsey said...

Yesterday, Day One conference was a blast! I enjoyed it tremendously. I will be in and out today at the conference. I know it's going to be another great day!

Lynne said...

Wow, this is my first conference and I am just finding my way around. I have read through some of the workshops. I was away until last night so I am just getting started. This looks like a great conference so far. I am an aspiring writer and just so willing to learn everything. I will be listening carefully and hope to join in the discussion later on. Thanks to LaShaunda and anyone else who is responsible for setting this up.


Kimberly Cauley said...

Hi Everyone,

I missed last night but I'm geared up for tonight!

I am an author looking to publish the first of my two completed novels.
I write romance fiction and absolutely love reading it. Goodness, this sounds like a singles ad!

Anyway, currently I do marketing & communications consulting but have an unusual amount of time to put into getting published at this moment. Just trying to seize the opportunity!

Nicole S. Rouse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicole S. Rouse said...

Hello everyone,

My name is Nicole Rouse and I am the author of Someone to Love Me and Happily Ever Now. My website is:

LaShaunda, this is my first time participating in an online conference. It has been a wonderful experience and all of the information for aspiring, new, and seasoned writers has been very helpful. Thanks so much for organizing this event.

I look forward to learning more this week!

Unknown said...

Hi all,

I'm Angie Breidenbach (publicity officer for ACFW.) I'm attending and participating as a panelist- both- for the first time. So you all have a lot to teach me :-) I'll be chatting this week about journaling and writing book reviews.

In my day job, I'm phasing out of a family owned heating company to put more full time into my own purposeful life coaching, non-fiction, and speaking career. I will be teaching an 8-week online class based on the Gems of Wisdom series (first book) and giving away a few attendee spaces over the next month ;-) Be watching.

So nice to be here with you all this week. I'm learning so much as an attendee and hope I can help someone else when it's my turn to be on topic.

God bless all of you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody!

This is my first SORMAG conference and I’m very excited to be here. My name is Celeste O. Norfleet and I’m an avid reader and a national best-selling author of over twenty novels. I write category romance for Kimani Romance, single title romance for Kimani Arabesque and young adult for Kimani TRU. My romance novels are realistic with a touch of humor. They depict strong sexy characters with unpredictable plots and exciting storylines. My young adult novels are dramatic fiction, reflecting current issues facing African-American teens.

This evening I’ll be participating on the young adult panel so make sure to stop by at 9:00pm and 10:15pm. See you there!

Blessings & Peace,

Renee Williams said...

Good morning everyone! I'm Renee Williams of All the Buzz. I am an avid reader and reviewer. I am also beginning to dabble in virtual publicity. You can check me out at

I believe this is my first year really participating in the conference, but I am looking forward to it.

Kiayaphd said...

Good morning everyone. This is also my first SORMAG online conference and I am impressed by the diversity represented here.

Thank you so much LaShaunda for taking the time and making the effort to produce this event. As a debut novelist, I am devouring every word!

Sean D. Young said...


Once again the conference is off to a great start. So much wonderful information is being given.

My name is Sean D. Young. I'm an avid reader and am the author of two Contemporary Romance novels: TOTAL BLISS and WITH THIS RING. I'm looking forward to the rest of the conference. Have fun!!

LaShaunda said...

Good morning everyone,

I finally got a chance to put up our prize winners.

I found a great site which helps me pick the winners. Nothing like driving yourself crazy trying to pick out names. I just put in the numbers and voila I have my winners.

Stop by the prize winner page and see if you're a lucky winner.

Hope you're enjoying the conference.

Rudelle Aldridge said...

Hello everyone! I've been attending the conference for a few years now and I still think its the best thing since sliced bread. I have learned so much over the years and this year is no different. I'm still a newby but do have a few irons in the fire. My self-published non-fiction project "SOAR into Your Destiny" can be previewed at along with some of my other projects. It can be purchased at as well. I have enjoyed being in you all's company and look forward to thee remainder of the conference.


Rudelle Stewart

Sylvia Hubbard said...

just stopping in to mix and mingle. been busy ready all the comments. My website is : From there you can see all the busyness of me. (yes, i know i spelled that wrong.)

I'll return l8r to add more but having fun learning and catching up with everyone.

Lynne said...

Another great day at the conference!!
I am wondering if anywhere upcoming there will be something about setting up your own website. I see most of the writers here have a website. Is it important to do this only after you have your first book published and do you authors set up your own or pay someone to do it?

Shawneda said...

I'm enjoying the conference a lot so far and will be checking out some more post before I do my show Faithful Folios online tonight at 10pm EST. Stop by and check it out if you get a chance or watch it in archives. Have a great one!

Unknown said...

I'm playing catch-up this evening and enjoying all of the info being disbursed.

KUDOS to LaShaunda for being who God designed her to be.

I am an avid reader, freelance writer and book reviewer at (among other places) and will be participating as a panelist with my other review sisters.

Isn't cyberspace just wonderful? I'm typing in from my family summer vacation road trip.

Talk to you at the live chat tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

i have thoroughly enjoyed the YA panel...meeting new YA authors and now knowing who to recommend to my youth friends...hope to see this group collaborate again...

Melissa said...

HI! My name is Melissa Wathington and I'm the author of two short story e-releases, Surrender Your Heart and A Knight's Illusion. I have three more short story releases coming out this fall at Lady Leo Publishing. To find out more about them, visit

I've been to three SORMAG conferences so far and I've loved all of them! I always learn so much and it's very convenient to be able to fit it within my schedule. LaShaunda, thanks so much for the opportunity! I look forward to making some new friends this year!


Author, Deborah J. Copeland said...

Hello, everyone!

Wow! It’s great to be here. This is my first online conference and I’m pretty excited. I’m usually standing in front of a bunch of antsy teenagers at the public libraries and community colleges during a live workshop. But this is cool too. =) Oh, goodness me! I didn’t even introduce myself. I am Debbie Copeland, author of The Kids at Latimar High and Summer Love, Pink Snowballs, and a Splash of Hater-aid. I am also the founder of Whirlabout Publishers and The Teen Zone (just recently launched).
I am an author, Indie-publisher, book promoter, and radio host rolled into one. And I absolutely love it.

I’m looking forward to the conference.

LaShaunda, thank you for having me on the panel. =)

Feel free to check out my sites and drop me a line or two at:

~Debbie Copeland

LaShaunda said...

Welcome to our new attendees and to those who have been here since day one.

I hope you’re having as much fun as I have been. I really enjoyed last night’s chats because I got to talk about my favorite subject books.

I’m meeting some wonderful new people and their excited about books too.

Next time will someone remind me to take vacation when I host the conference again. I was up to 2 am last night working on pages, because everybody and their mom was on the internet after 11pm and I couldn’t get blogger to cooperate with me.

Thank goodness everything is up and running.

Mom update: She’s doing a lot better, they moved her from ICU and she’s talking. I plan on seeing her tonight. Thank you all for your prayers.

Enjoy your day

Sylvia Hubbard said...

Just to let everyone know in our self publishing room plus all through the rest of the conference, I'll be giving away the ebook: The Mini-Guide to Self Publishing.

Please visit to download your copy on SORMAG!

Sylvia Hubbard said...

PS Lashaunda I'm glad your mother's doing better! My prayers are with her.

Unknown said...

I so much enjoyed last night's live chat. Sitting on the panel of reviewers was an honor.

We had a great time and also shared some very valuable info. I only wish more authors had attended. It would have been worth their time.

Unknown said...

Okay you self/independent pubbed ladies...I left a few questions over on Aug 27th Self-Pub Discussion and need you to go back and consider answering a few :-)

So appreciative if you will,

Author Rachel Berry said...

To all,

I've really enjoyed the time I was able to spend here. Thank God for technology and kind hearts like LaShaunda for being able to have this gathering. Blessings and success to all in all that you do.

I'm also always on the lookout for interviews for my radio show on Blog Talk Radio. "From The Heart & Soul" offers a special series (also part of my branding) ‘Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things.’

If you'd like to come share your story, talk about a Sheroe you know, or blast your biz please drop me a line at: or:

You can catch my show or listen to archives at:

Also stop by my author's web site to read an excerpt of my novel "Family Pictures." You can also purchase a copy and see the book trailer at: or

or visit
to see my book trailers

Lyn Cote said...

Your "Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things" dovetails well with my brand "Strong Women, Brave Stories."

Would you like to guest on my blog?

You can email me at L dot cote (at) juno dot com or through my website

LaShaunda, thanks again for a great conference. You amaze me. I would have given anything for something like this about 1989.

Of course, I realize that you were probably in grade school then (Well, I was just in high school!)GRIN

LaShaunda said...


You have been a blessing to me. When ever I put out a call for help, you always one of the first to volunteer your services.

I know this was a rough week for you and your family, but you still were here for me and I truly appreciate it.

You know whenever you need me I'm there.

I look forward to meeting you in person one day. I owe you a big ole hug.

Continued blessings to you.

LaShaunda said...

To all who stepped into the mix and mingle room. Thank you for mingling. It was nice meeting those new to the online conference and visiting with old friends.

I plan on putting up a page that will feature the links to all the pages that way you have one page to visit for all the links.

This will stay up for the rest of the year.

The final days for prizes will go up tomorrow. I'm taking a break tonight and hopefully have everything done tomorrow or Monday.

Thank you so much for being here and sharing your knowledge.

Being a writer is lonely trade, but being online has helped make it not so lonely.

If there is anything I can do for you, just send me an email.

Lynne said...

To all the people involved in this wonderful online conference, a BIG thank you. I am an aspiring writer and have so much to learn. I was sent here by Rae Lori after attending her classes in Second Life. I will be thanking her personally for the recommendation. This is a wonderful store of information and everyone has given such practical and valuable advice. I have so many new references and ideas!!! Thanks and Blessings to all!

Rudelle Aldridge said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed the conference and thank each and every one who shared in some way this week. I have learned so much and feel much more prepared to continue my journey towards a best seller.


Rudelle Stewart
Author of "SOAR Into Your Destiny"

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