Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This is our first poetry slam.
Poets come in and share your poetry with us - one poem please.
At the end we'll vote on the Poetry King or Queen of the conference.
Deadline for posting poetry 12:00a.m. August 27th.


Shelia Goss said...

Poetry is one of my first loves. Here's something I wrote that was inspired by the great poet Maya Angelou.

Who Am I ?
By Shelia M. Goss

Who am I?

I am a woman of class,
With a show of elegance a sense of pride
One that can not and will not be compromised.

I am a woman with many degrees
Not speaking of formal education, but life experiences
That help developed me into what you now see.

I am part of the evolution, some might say revolution
With my innovation, yet sometimes filled with frustration
But still stand tall as one of God's finest creations.

See I am a woman of hope
Full of life's possibilities, trying to live up to my abilities
Not accepting what life is trying to offer me.

I am a woman in spite of the complications
Still moving with strong determination
To reach the highest regardless of the situation.

I am a woman filled with sensitivity
Not letting just anyone get close to me
Because positivity is what surrounds me.

That's Who I am.

Rachel Berry said...

I agree with Sheila,

Poetry is also one of my first loves handed down to me from my mother who is almost 87 and still reciting some of the southern classics.

Here is one of my own that I'd like to share with all the Sheroes and positive queens gathering

Rachel Berry

From my thick full lips
down to my curvy hips
and even in the creases of my sweet in between
I carry love

And even on strawberry days
when my mood stings and sways
I carry love

I bear memories, hopes and dreams from the wells of my mind
Though some wish me shameful of my ample behind

I still carry love

I can glimpse the future
Reminisce my past
Devour the now through vision of insight
an effortless task

See I’m built like that
Sewn like that

Sometimes I talk to you through trembles of hidden pain
Still love rivers through me

Sometimes I am so filled up with femininity
No drugs can cure me

I can talk till words chill us like winter frost
Than in a second
my words turn to heartbeats that truly throb of you, me and humanity
and tears flood my soul and I affect even you
See emotions fill me up too

carry so much here
Deep in my wonder lays a nation of spirits I continue to evoke even to my surprise

Wisdom grows me
till I am
a priestess visualized

My abdomen aches when fake friends manifest and fall from me like fever healed by a blessing

My loins laugh out children or ideas
either a new birth
And once again I am in redemption of my worth

I am sick with creativity
Nothing egregious here

Careful of a lover taken
A soul must be worthy of intrusion upon my hidden treasures

Will their penetration spoil me or
oil me?

Mountains of future threaten to make me more of what I am

Of what I pray to be

Filled is my temple by my creator of glory

I am a humble vessel
guarding this gift
Sheltering this love
that drips from my lips
and puts sway in my hips
and all my sweet in betweens

And though I pass before you
so ordinary
My blessing
My Sanctuary

copyright(c)October 2005

Check out the URL below to see the book trailer for my poetry book "From The Heart & Heat Of Me"

Unknown said...

His Hands

How does he show his love?
Like any other, right?
The twinkle in his eye
The sweet kiss every night

How does he show his care?
Like any other man
Early morn off to work
Earning the most he can

How does he show his heart?
Like very few would do
His wallet opens easily
His hands are first to you

How do I see his love?
Like any other, right?
The twinkle in my eye
A hero in my sight

How do I see his care?
Like solid steady calm
Earnest effort daily
Ear out for any wrong

How do I see his heart?
Like few themselves demand
His arms lift children up
His strong warm work scarred hand

Angie Breidenbach

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