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How do we get our faith-based books to the big screen?

Let's talk about turning our books into screen plays and how to turn them into movies.

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Shelia said...

I think Tyler Perry is setting a standard, as well as TD Jakes. I hope to see more on the screen. Is the first step taking scriptwriting courses? How do you get your book or script into the right producer's hands?


Linda said...

As a lover of the arts, mother and grandmother, finding movies to attend that have substance has been a challenge for me and my family.

My desire is to see more Faith Based projects on the screen that will not be superficial. To date I have enjoyed Diary Of A Mad Black Woman and Woman Thou Art Loosed. I've heard good things about The Gospel but have not seen it yet.

Here are my questions: 1) How do we guard the integrity of our books as they are transformed to big screen, video or stage? 2)How does one maintain the rights to their intellectual properties?

Linda! Badge #141

Shirley Hailstock said...
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Ann Clay said...

Hi, Ann Clay here, badge #41. I think to get more christian based stories in the theaters, we need to seriously support movies that do come to the screen (e.g. Fighting Temptation, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and The Gospel). Go see the thing two or three times, if your pocket book can afford it. When we generate a demand for more stories, movie makers will go searching for more stories. I think, exposing more christan based stories in the writing and reading market will also generate some interest. Money still talks.

SORMAG said...

I have to agree with Ann. Its all about the money. Not about a good story.

I do believe if you want to keep the integrity of your story, you have to write the script yourself or find someone who understands your voice.

There's a company called Act One who specializes in Faith Based movies. They offer classes and do a workshop once a year.

LaShaunda - OO

Barbara said...

Where can we get more details about that workshop, LaShaunda?
Barbara (Badge 43)

Marina said...

This is something I am definitely looking to partner with Christian authors on as some really outstanding stories come across our desks at Good Girl.

If anyone knows any T.V. or film producers, please pass the info on to me at

Dream Big,
Marina (forgot my badge #)

upwords said...

For all who are interested,

The website for Act One is:

The Ft. Lauderdale program has been postponed due to Hurricane Wilma, but there are many different programs available nationwide.

Mary Griffith-29

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