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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Registration Number

Thank you for registering for the online conference.

Please include your number with every post/comment/question you make during the conference. If you don’t have a number with your name, you will not receive a reply.

Think of your number as your name badge. If you don’t have a name badge you can’t attend a workshop.

Example - LaShaunda – OO

Idrissa Uqdah - 01
Cynthia Boris -02
Michelle Pendergrass -03

Dawn Hunt - 04
C. Ellis - 05
Wilma Wall - 06
Linda Duett - 07
Jenna Bayley-Burke - 08
Emanuel Carpenter - 09
Char Bah - 10
Michelle Bailey - 11
Roseanne Dowell - 12
Debora Dennis - 13
Kim Rees - 14
Dera Williams - 15
Shelia Goss - 16
Eleanor Shields - 17
Robin Bayne -18
Cindy Appel - 19
Wayne Jordan - 20
Danielle - 21
Maxine Thompson- 22
Elaine - 23
Dr. Bob Rich - 24
Leah Mullen - 25

1 comment:

JENNA said...

Do we sign each post with our 'badge' or is this just for non-blogger attendees? My name shows up whenever I post a comment.

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