Thursday, August 31, 2006

32 Best Romances

I read on Isabel Swift blog she was compiling a list of the all time best romances. So I thought why not see what we can come up with. Maybe I'll send our list to her when we're done.

From today until next Thursday, list your all time best romances (MC). You know the ones you continue to go back to, the ones that have a special place on your book shelf and the ones you didn't lend out.


SORMAG said...

I'll start out with my top three.

Vows - Rochelle Alers
Vivid - Beverly Jenkins
Topaz - Beverly Jenkins

Deatri King-Bey said...

Indigo--Beverly Jenkins
Topaz--Beverly Jenkins
Vivid--Beverly Jenkins
Sheesh, just put all of Beverly Jenkins' historicals.

Surrender--Brenda Jackson

Man I'm remembering some plots from novels of Francis Ray and Donna Hill that I loved, but can't recall the titles. Sheeeesh.

I'll be back.


Gwyneth Bolton said...

Sister Got Game, Leslie Esdaile
Sundance, Leslie Esdaile
Delaney's Desert Sheik, Brenda Jackson
Whispered Promises, Brenda Jackson
Happily Ever After, Rochelle Alers
Hideaway, Rochelle Alers
My Destiny, Adrianne Byrd
Unforgettable, Adrianne Byrd
In My Dreams, Monica Jackson
Love's Potions, Monica Jackson
Can't Get Next to You, Niobia Bryant
True Devotion, Kim Louise
Heart of the Falcon, Francis Ray
When I Fall in Love, Tamara Sneed
The Way He Makes Me Feel, Tamara Sneed

That's my list, but I reserve the right to add more.


Barbarajoe said...

Wow, I have too many to try to even list. However, anything by Brenda Jackson would get my vote. But her most memorable book for me is "Ties that Bind." So I'll have to go with that one.

Barbara Joe-Williams

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