Monday, September 25, 2006

SEP 06 EXCERPT - Sweet Surrender

SWEET SURRENDER - By Michelle Monkou

After her marriage ended in bitter divorce, Haley Sanders was carving out a new life in a new town with her thirteen-year-old daughter. Dr. Pierce Masterson was not part of the single mother’s blueprint for the future — even if her new landlord was much too attractive for anyone’s good.

Pierce offered Haley a sexy, lazy smile. “Did I tell you that I’m uniquely qualified for this task of debriefing you?”

“So you keep saying. I think that you’ve met your matched.” Haley stood and moved around to the back of the couch.

Pierce didn’t move, aware that their initial game had begun. He resisted the urge to pull her down into his arms. She was playing dirty and he liked it.

“Why don’t you meet me upstairs?” Haley trailed her finger along his shoulder over his back to the next shoulder. She pressed her breast against his arm and blew in his ear before heading out of the room.

Haley called to him, declaring her horny state.

Enough said. Pierce hurried toward the stairs. “You bad, bad woman.” He turned to see her naked back go around the corner. Her blouse lay on the floor discarded.

Now that he knew her destination, he didn’t hurry to follow. It made the moment all the more exciting. He picked up her shirt, enjoying the feel of the silky fabric between his fingers.

On the staircase railing, she’d left her bra. He picked it up with a finger and tossed it on top of the shirt in his other hand.

“Pierce, you dear old man, what’s taking you so long? Are the stairs too much for you?” Her laughter floated in the air. The raised ceiling added an eerie echo.

He took the steps two at a time, wondering why he had to have a grand staircase that curved and bent like an ornate path to the great beyond.

He passed her shoes … then the pair of blue slacks.

He reached the top… panting … knowing that only one piece of clothing remained.

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Gwyneth Bolton said...

Wooo weee! That is a very inticing teaser, Michelle! I have your book sitting on my to-be-read pile. Now, I'm going to have to go on read it so I can find out what happened when he made it up those stairs! LOL. And I love the playful cover of this one.

Best of luck to you,


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