Friday, October 20, 2006


By Lurea

FeMALE TRAITS - the story of Grace Trufant and her playa lifestyle. She is married to a successful, loving husband but somehow she requires more attention than this foine upstanding man can offer. She plays hard; in fact she is a playa in her own right. But Grace forgets that Game recognizes Game when she runs into Sonia, her husband’s best friend. This is the tale of the triangle love affair, love and support of good friends, and lessons learned along the way.




Too much of a good thing

Looking around the familiar room brought mixed feelings. She knew it felt good to be here because of all the passion that has occurred in this room. He lay next to her sleeping with his back to her. That was his natural position after lovemaking. The curve of his back and the contour of his hands were all too familiar to her. She scooted over to avoid that spot on the bed that held the nectar of their lovemaking. She positioned herself in the spoon position and gently caressed his strong thigh. He did not stir. She moved her hand higher as she searched for his member. It lay limp and still wet with her essence. She stroked it slowly, but there was no response. She smiled and conceded the fact that he was done for today. She would have to leave soon. She closed her eyes and tried to recall the details before her. She knew his body well. She knew also where the tracks in his heart led. The sad part was that the tracks of her heart had a different destination.

She tried not to arouse him as she moved out of bed. If she could make it to the bathroom without disturbing him, then the rest was easy. She would leave a note with an apology for her disappearance but he would understand. He always understood.

Where is she, Edwin thought as he changed out of his work clothes? It was getting late. She always seemed to get in later and later. His stomach growled. He decided to venture down to the kitchen and fend for himself. Just as he opened the door to the fridge, the front door opened.

“I’m home” she called, more to the house than to him.

“I’m in here,” He responded.

She breezed into the kitchen with a bag of Boston Market. He knew the contents before they were unpacked. It was their “running late but must eat” meal. They lightly passed lips in a gesture that could be mistaken for a kiss.

“So, hey you! Where you been?” he asked.

“Stopped to chat with the girls and work out at the gym.” She added the gym part to cover the new smell of the shower she just took at Brian’s house. “How was your day?”

Inside her head, she thought of how automatic it was becoming to lie. She had even covered being tired later that night with the excuse of the workout.

As he told her about his day, her mind drifted down the tracks to Brian and the lies she upheld on a regular basis. She asked herself what she was doing and why. She really did love her husband. She threw in a “Yeah” or “I know” to fringe attention. Edwin Douglas Trufant was a good man in every way. He was a devoted husband and she loved his company. He worked out regularly and his body was cut like a statue. Truth be told, the brother was FOINE. He was her partner, her friend and yet.

She brought herself back into the conversation and they talked easily as they ate dinner.

It was their favorite TV night and they were curled up on the couch, watching back to back Law and Orders. As their toes touched, Edwin started to caress her breast. He reached for her and she repositioned herself to the point she was laying in his lap. They settled in to watch the show. Lenny Briscoe had found his suspect. Edwin’s hands roamed the familiar contours of his wife’s body. She responded automatically. Their lips met in a passionate kiss and his hands started to undress her.

“Behave and watch the show” She said in a light voice.

His response was to ignore her and continue. The funny thing was she enjoyed his touch. She had always enjoyed his touch. The events of this afternoon came to mind and she felt like a HEEL. Maybe the correct term is an ASS. Either way there was no way she was denying the feeling that was running through her as he caressed and suckled her breast. By the time District Attorney Jack McCoy drilled his first witness, the show was even more intense at Sunset Blvd. As Edwin slowly entered his wife, she smiled a wicked smile which he mistook for pleasure.

The next morning as she drove to work, her cell phone chimed. “Morning Darling” Brian’s deep sexy voice said as she flipped open the phone. “I forgive you.” He continued.

She had asked him many times to be more careful when he called; to make sure it was actually her before he offered their usually greeting. She sighed the sigh of the helpless. What could she say she was feeling this man!

“Morning Darling” was her reply. “I am glad I am forgiven.”

“What is on the plate for today?”

“Not sure yet,” She replied. She thought about the day she had yesterday and knew that that pace would definitely put her in an early retirement. She also knew that, if he knew of her night with Edwin that this conversation would end in an argument.

As she sat at a light and watched the passersby, she noticed a tall dark cutie in crème pants with a black shirt strut pass her Beamer. She eased her Police Sunshades down on her nose and took in the ease of his stride. They made eye contact. She ran her hands through her flip hairstyle and smiled. The brother was definitely hot. Sometimes it’s the car they saw and sometimes it her. This time she passed it off as the car. “So many men so little time!” she thought to herself. Too many things on her plate as it was.

“Want to do lunch?” Brian said into the phone.

“Not sure I can yet; can I call you back sweetie?” She replied

“No problem, I love to hear from you. Hey running late; talk to you later.” He signed off.

Thoughts of Brian caused her to smile as the light changed and she pulled away from the corner. She held the phone in her hand a moment longer and once again wondered at this relationship. Theirs was a sexual relationship. She had never promised anything to Brian. She thought aloud “I am definitely not leaving my husband” and although they didn’t discuss it she hoped Brian was clear on that thought. She slipped her cell phone into her purse. Well, this promised to be another special day she thought as she headed to work.

As Brian entered the Bennett Building in which he worked, he also contemplated the day ahead and the night he planned to spend with Grace. There was something about Grace that made him want more. Yes, he knew one day she would leave her husband and settle down with him. They were soul mates. His body still held the warmth of their lovemaking from the night before. She would find a way to stay the entire night just to make it up to him. This is why he never pushed. Grace Antoinette Trufant was worth waiting for.

“Man you look, what’s the word. Oh, I know! Like a man who is getting taken care of if you know what I mean.” Steve caught up to Brian who tried to pass his desk without having to stop and talk.

“Now who is the lucky woman this week?” Steve inquired as he strode next to Brian. Steve, who has been married for fourteen years, always liked to hear about Brian’s conquest but lately he was closed mouth, which was kind of strange. Steve had lived those days before he settled down with Shelia and sometimes he longed to be a Playa again.

“Man, I keep telling you there is no woman.” Brian lied. “I have had enough of the gold-diggers to last a lifetime. I am on holiday from the ladies”

“Well, if not getting any looks like that then I may have to leave my wife!” Steve joked. He did not believe Brian but he knew the part about being fed up with half-ass women was without a doubt true. He and Brian had often talked over drinks after work and from all the horror stories Brian told about dating he sensed Brian was ready to settle down. Not wanting to tread where he was not invited, he eased back into his role as Director and asked Brian how he was coming with the budget reports.


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