Thursday, November 09, 2006


by Jessie Jamie Coleman

Publisher Autumn Girl Press
Month Published December 2006
ISBN 0976696479
It's the sports story of the century! The Chicago Voyagers, NBA champions and The Boston Blue, WNBA champions are the dream teams in this acclaimed sports story. The author, Jessie Jamie Coleman, does an excellent job at challenging the notion that men are better at sports than women by pitting the NBA against the WNBA. That premise alone would have been enough to keep readers turning pages, but the author does not stop there. The drama begins with Jay Byrd, star player of the Chicago Voyagers, appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show days after the championship game. At this point, we don t know who won this game that went down in history. Jay then takes us back to the beginning. Jay Byrd is charismatic, witty and every bit as good at his game as one might assume. He makes a promise to his dying mother not to break the heart of his first love. With every intention of honoring that promise, Jay finds himself drawn to WNBA champion, Jessie Winters, star player of the Boston Blue. Jessie Winters is talented, beautiful and adamant about always doing what s right. And the chemistry between the two is perfect and offers excellent contrast. When they meet for the first time, sparks sizzle immediately. Jessie does, however, find Jay a little cocky for her type, but she doesn t dismiss him totally. To make things more complicated for Jessie, Jay vacillates between his first love and the woman he always wanted to love, Jessie Winters. Though this script takes to the court with all the fervor, spark, and talent a crowd loves to see in a championship game, the meat of the story is the buildup to this big game. And be forewarned, the ending is not what you might expect, but nevertheless, you will be fascinated and satisfied.

1 comment:

Patricia W. said...

Interesting twist on the world of professional sports. Look forward to the book and the movie.

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