Monday, November 27, 2006

NOV AUTHOR INTRO: Yolanda Hooks Buick

Yolanda Hooks Buick

Yolanda Hooks Buick resides in Bellwood a western suburb of Chicago, IL. Having obtained a degree in Business Administration and working in an office setting, Yolanda pursuit of happiness comes from putting words on paper, bringing characters to life and capturing a reader to the fullest. Thus, her debut novel Indiscretions was born. Not a quitter and most definitly a fighter, Yolanda works hard not only with producing superb reading enjoyment, but contributes to mentoring those interested in expanding their literary knowledge.


“…Yolanda Buick has written a book called Indiscretions that will leave an everlasting impression on reader’s minds forever. Shocking, bold, and entertaining are an understatement. A new drama queen is born.”

Heather Covington…Disilgold Soul

Lies and more lies, Craig. You’ve told so many, you dont know the difference from the truth, Craig Jackson stood accused as wife, Casey learns of his dark secret. Plagued by the consequences of a one night fall, like an addict the bottle called to Craig. His constant lies and MIA all night only added to the mounting tension in his marriage. Like a pot boiling over finally Craig does the unforgivable by raising his fist to his beloved Casey; he saw all too much of this, as brutality had always been a means to an end for his alcoholic father. Despite it all Casey loved her husband and wanted to stay true to her vows, but Craig’s demons have driven Casey to a crossroad: Does she uphold the sanctity of her marriage or seek refuge and comfort in the warmth of Enrique’s smile, a co-worker that she has managed to grow quite close to. She just may come closer to running into the arms of Enrique, as one fateful night Craig’s thoughtless and callous actions lead Casey and him down a road of hopelessness and despair. Take a ride with deep plunges, compelling twists and turns that will move you from laughter to tears. Filled with lies, backstabbing friends, secrets, love, and laughter Indiscretions will make you ask... “Can the depth of their love keep Casey and Craig together?”

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