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If the Shoe Fits
Marilynn Griffith
Steeple Hill
January 2007
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0373785763

Reviewed by Regina Hightower

When this book started off I thought it was going to be a comedy but as it progressed on,
I began to see hurt, betrayal, friendship, a willingness in a teenager to become a man and accept his responsibility it deals with teenage pregnancy, teenage marriage, a sisterhood, a brotherhood. Baby’s daddy drama even though the baby is grown you name it this Christian book covers it.

Although it has a abundance of hero’s and heroines friends that are amateur physiologists and prescribe ice cream instead of pills (my kind of shrink lol,) It is sometimes hard to keep them all straight. In the end it has the most surprise ending that you will ever see it was an enjoyable and well written book complete with scriptures.

Mr. Satisfaction
Brenda Jackson, Delilah Dawson, Joy King, MaryAnn Reid
St Martin’s Press
ISBN: 0-312-34901-7
Publish Date: January, 2006
4 Sensuous Novellas

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars- GREAT
Reviewed by Delores Hines

Extreme Satisfaction by Brenda Jackson was about financial advisor Cathleen who worked so hard on her career that she let her personal life go. She realizes after attaining her goals that life is a little lonely without the man she loved and pushed away, Rory. Cathleen comes up with a plan to win Rory back but he refuses to make it easy since she broke his heart when she pushed him away. Will their love survive the pain that Cathleen caused?

Satisfy Me by Delilah Dawson was about childhood sweethearts from opposite sides of the track. Shauna was never good enough for Max in her father’s eyes, years later the couple meets up again at a mutual friends wedding and the sparks start flying. Can they put their past hurts aside and give love a try?

Ice Princess by Joy King was about Madison, a businesswoman, who was very successful at whatever she put her hands on. She was able to put a man under her spell in minutes, until she meets her building owner Maurice. Maurice flips the script on Madison and has her wondering what she can do to get under his spell. This man is one challenge she’s determine to conquer.

The Morning After by MaryAnn Reid about Alexis who is tired of pampered and well-to- do men who are only focused on themselves. She decides that being single is better that dealing with these shallow men. On a challenge from a friend she leaves her Park Avenue area to visit a hole in the wall in Bed-Stuy and stumbles on the love of her life. Can she get pass their differences? Will she let love prevail despite the size of their bank accounts?

All the novellas were hot as proclaimed on the front of the book. The novellas get hotter as the reader progresses through the book. My only complaint is that the stories were too short; they were over before I knew it.

Hanging On A String
Janette McCarthy
December 2006
Contemporary Romance

Regina Hightower

This is a hard hitting suspense drama to which I must admit I'm a sucker for it starts off hard hitting who done it.

I guessed the plot but it was exciting and suspenseful never the less, the investigations were never ending, and in the end there were a lot more players in the game than you might think, but it was worth every minute of the reading and popcorn.

So get comfortable for the best of the who done it for the last of the season the Hero and Heroine Jasmine Spain & Detective Marcus Claremont are the virtual dynamic duo even if she fights the attraction every step of the way because of past bad experiences it's a must see how he wears her down as they solve the mystery of who done it .

You Belong To Me
Patricia Sargeant
Dafina Books
ISBN: 0-7582-1876-1
Published: November 2006

Rating: 4 Stars - EXCELLENT
Reviewer: Donielle Ruff

Science Fiction Writer Nicole Collins is excited that her novel is about to be made into a movie and she couldn't be happier. That is until she realizes that Malcolm Bryant, her ex-husband, is co-owner of Celestial Productions. Turning down the deal and her dream so as not to deal with him, a family crisis forces her to unselfishly reconsider. Putting aside emotions and problems that seem incapable of being solved Nicole agrees to work with Malcolm for the integrity of the movie and the help it will bring to her loved ones.

In the midst of trying to ignore memories of a past filled with love, loss and miscommunication, Nicole and Malcolm realize they have more to deal with. The suspense begins on a wild ride as a crazed fan believes the fictitious family in Nicole's novel is to be protected at any cost and they go to great lengths to prevent this movie from being made. Nicole believes that Malcolm can't hold up during hard times. Can she trust him to stand with her or will he run like before?

Patricia Sargeant's debut novel is a great read that will keep you anxious and attached to this story full of murder, doubt, danger and love. Nicole and Malcolm are great characters whose relationship you'll root for as they deal together and individually with their emotions and the danger surrounding them. You Belong to Me is a great debut by the author, looking forward to more from her.

I'm Your Girl
J.J. Murray
Kensington Books
ISBN: 0-7582-1397-2
Published: November 2006
Mainstream Fiction

Reviewed by: Donielle Ruff

Diane Anderson is an African American librarian living a solitary life consisting of work, reviewing books in her spare time, and pleasing her closed-minded mother. Jack Browning is a white author just beginning to dig himself out of an emotional hole since the fatal car accident of his wife and son.

Unable to force herself past the first 50 pages of a novel she's reading, Diane writes a scathing review. Jack, who happens to be the author Diane blasts in her review, begins the work on his new interracial romance. While coming to terms with his loss, Jack spends his days in the library reading African American literature. Once they meet sparks slowly begin to fly and Diane realizes that this nice white man who reads Essence is the author she shot down in her review.

Trouble begins when Diane, dealing with a mother who can't stand the thought of her dating a white guy, must decide if she should come clean about the review. Jack deals with publisher demands, memories of his family and unexpectedly falling in love with a black woman.

What I've always liked about J.J. Murray's novels are the realistic emotion and the quirky humor. I liked the characters, especially Jack and the unique ways he dealt with his emotions and his writing process. The three extra storylines in the beginning that give us a taste of the books Diane reviewed prevented this novel from being even more of a hit. They were a bit confusing and lengthy but once you move past this point the book really picks up and is a pleasant read.

Body of Lies
Deirdre Savoy
Dafina Books
Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 0-7582-1229-1
Published: November 2006
Contemporary Romance

Rating: 4 Stars - EXCELLENT
Reviewed By: Clara Sutton

Clinical Psychologist Alexandra Waters, has been asked by the police to help with a case involving one of her former patients who they believed is the Amazon Killer. Alexander hadn’t banked on seeing Zach Stone, the man from her past that had once served as her father’s partner when Zach was a rookie.

Zach didn’t recognize Alexandra when he walked into the task force meeting. It had been thirteen years since he had seen his Alex. Thirteen years ago when he walked out of her life because he thought that was the way she wanted it to be but he never stopped thinking about her.

The Amazon Killer has wants to make Alex his next victim but Zach is determined not to let that happen. Zach must find a way to keep Alex safe or lose her again forever to the Amazon Killer. The flames between the two never died completely, maybe Alex’s father knew what he was doing when he brought home his rookie partner.


Michelle Buckley
Urban Books
Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 1-893196-49-6
Published: November 2006

Rating: 3 Stars – VERY GOOD
Reviewed By: Clara Sutton

Dr. Madetra “Mad” Price, planned a travel club that would include just her , her husband and her twin sister, turned out to be a club of seven including a stalker TV producer, TV Reporter, Drug Dealer/Massage Therapist and Psychologist who had been harassing Madetra for the past two years.

The group made plans to attend four vacation spots together. Nothing ever stays in Vegas if you are in a group. All your little secrets and motives come out once your back home and the blackmailing starts. I believing in saving your marriage but sometimes you just have to let go. To save her marriage, Madetra took a lot of blackmailing and degradation from one of the men in the travel club. I couldn’t have taken the blackmailing like she did. In the end, Mad got her revenge on all those that had caused her pain.

Vindication: The Adventures of Private Jane
Lyric James
ISBN Number ~ 1-60088-045-2
Release Date ~ September 1, 2006
Cobblesestone Press, LLC.
African American/Suspense

Rating ~ 3 Stars – VERY GOOD
Reviewed by Michelle Alexander

Karyn, a former police officer who now has her own all female, private investigating firm P.I., is searching for the killer who murdered her sister and branded her a rogue cop. Zechariah, ex-cop and law student, has helped ease her pain. Can Zechariah convince Karyn there's more to their relationship before they fall victim to the same people who
murdered her sister?

Holy Ghost Corner
Michele Andrea Bowen
Publication: September 2006
ISBN-13: 978-0-446-53035-4
Walk Worthy Press

Reviewed by Camellia Johnson

Michele Andrea Bowen has done it again! Another #1 Best-Seller! I couldn't put this book down until I finished it. I took it to all my appointments for expected waiting room reading and relax time at home. I found myself laughing out-loud at the scenes so vividly written by author Michele Bowen! This novel appeals to everyone whether you’re single or married. Ladies, your God given husband is worth the wait as you will see in this hilariously and romantic novel.

Theresa in this novel is like many single Christian women today, wanting a husband and getting impatient on God to show up and show out. She has all the qualities a man would desire but she had to realize some expectations she had put on herself was causing her to overlook someone from her past that complimented her lifestyle.

Lamont is your typical millionaire bachelor with some issues that only God can clearly change. With a God fearing family constantly bombarding God's throne to bring Lamont back home does he truly see the wife God said is his "help-meet".

Queen Esther is the priceless spiritual backbone of the family who doesn't have a problem using the word of God on anyone!

The brotherly connection between James and Lamont is priceless and crucial in their lives. Not only does the younger brother James share his mistakes and life with his brother Lamont but shows him how to treat and get some time with a true Christian woman Theresa.

Throughout the book one scripture that kept coming back to me was Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Holy Ghost Corner clearly shows through the lives of Queen Esther, Theresa, Lamont, James, Rhonda, Baby Doll and Mr. Lacy (to name a few) that with prayer and faith God's counsel will stand!

Divas Of Damascus Road
Michelle Stimpson
Publication July 2006
ISBN: 978-0-446-57746-5

Rating: 5 stars - SUPREME
Reviewed by: Camellia M. Johnson

I think the reader can relate to at least one of the characters in Divas of Damascus Road. Author Michelle Stimpson touches so many issues that happens in life. She takes the reader through life's twists and turns and shows how truth unveils itself and how lies destroy lives and families if not uncovered. Stimpson truth may hurt but it's freeing in ones spirit, mind and body.

Gloria had a secret that cost the sanity and life of her sister and almost destruction of her entire family. Joyce Ann lived a life of deception to help cover for Gloria. Dianne almost let her past control her mind, body and soul. Regina, thought how she looked on the outside determined her self worth. Yolanda, had so many walls up in her heart she didn't want to recognize when love was knocking them down. Aunt Toe, was the backbone of the family that by keeping a closed eye almost didn't see the fruition of her answered prayer come to past.

Life goes on but when lies are covered up and buried, truth will come to set the captives free. Set the captives free in your mind, soul and body. Divas of Damascus Road, will leave every reader with the assurance that God will meet you on that road to lead you to your light of tomorrow.

Darnella Ford
St. Martin’s Press
ISBN: 0-312-34803-7
Publish Date: June 2006
Mainstream Fiction

Rating: 5 Stars - SUPREME
Reviewed by: Delores Hines

Choke is a tribute to single mother’s doing their best with very little resources. Vanessa is a hard working mother trying to come up with the cash to get her talented daughter into an esteemed music academy. Nothing is working properly in the apartment, her estranged husband drops in for booty calls she can’t resist, her 12 year daughter has discovered boys intimately, and to top it off she loses the job she hates, when her employer dies suddenly. Vanessa is down on her luck and resorts to the profession of her neighbors, escorting. Sometimes the means to an end goes against everything she’s ever been taught in Sunday school. Can she swallow her pride and beliefs to make a better life for her and her daughter? Or is she destined to her present life?

This book is realistic, raw and rugged. It holds no punches. It reminds us all, that at any point this could be you no matter your present station in life. The book should have been called captive cause once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down.

Ain’t No Sunshine
Candice Dow
Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 0-7582-1055-8
Publish Date: June 2006
Mainstream Fiction

Rating: 5 Stars - SUPREME
Reviewer: Delores Hines

This story is about a woman named Laila who was abandoned at birth and turned over to the foster care system. She tells about her trials and tribulations in the first person. The account she gives of her journey is so real the reader feels right there with her. In the foster care system all of her life, Laila turns to dancing in a strip club to make fast money to one day break away from her group home. One night David Dubois enters the club and whisks her away from the fast and dangerous lifestyle. She feels like she’s met her knight in shining armor, only to find out after a year, she went from the fire to frying pan. David is physically abusive.

After 4 years of living this hellacious life with David, Laila jumps at the chance to start a new life in another city. She immediately turns to a man in her new life because that’s all she knows. She’s hurt and finds out that without self-love she could never really receive true love. She finally gets her life on-track, to be blind-sided by a call from a sister she never knew she had about a mother she wasn’t sure existed. Laila has to define the true meaning of home and family and she’s tough enough to do it.

I was pulled into this book from the very first page, I was intrigued with how a young woman who endured so much, so young would still be open to love. She never whined about her life, she rolled with the punches and did the best with what she had. Hats off to Candice Dow for such a great story, it invoked all types of emotions. I look forward to her next book.

Caught Up
Deatri King-Bey
Genesis Press – Indigo Vibe
ISBN: 1585711780
Published: March 2006
Suspense Fiction

Rating: 2.5 Stars -GOOD
Reviewed by: Flashette Shirer

Rosa Bolivar’s thirtieth birthday is one in a series of events that forces Rosa to discover truths about who she is, where she comes from and where she wants to go. Overhearing an argument between her father and her mother, Rosa visits a Florida prison where a notorious drug lord awaits execution. She struggles to put together the puzzle of her life as she searches for answers to the truth about who she really is. Not getting any help from her father or mother, she launches her own investigation. However, she learns that the DEA is investigating her family as well. Falling in love with the handsome, intelligent lead detective on the case will only complicate her discoveries. But this is a complication that both characters desperately need in their lives.

This is good suspense fiction and romance all in one. I found myself hoping for Rosa to find the answers she desperately searched for while embracing true love. The flashbacks were a bit confusing at times and the novel was slow in the beginning but the author more than made up for that in the dramatic page turning final chapters.

Depth of Desire
Sophia Shaw
Dafina Books
ISBN: 0-7582-0957-6
Published: March 2006

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars - EXCEPTIONAL
Reviewer: Donielle Ruff

When Naomi Chambers moves back home to New York, she feels she's found a great deal when her best friend, Patrice, offers up her brother Joshua's apartment while he's away on business. Assuming everything has been worked out with Joshua, she's just as surprised as he is when he comes home unexpectedly and finds her in his bathtub. Embarrassed by the turn of events, she is grateful when Joshua suggests she stay on until she finds a place of her own.

Living under the same roof will be anything but easy considering Naomi has secretly loved Joshua for many years. Concealing her feelings isn't as easy as she'd hoped, especially when Joshua decides that he's ready to settle down and pursues a relationship with Jacqueline, his ex-girlfriend. That plan turns sour as Joshua comes to terms with his feelings for Naomi. As they begin to explore the feelings that have surrounded them for years, things start to get complicated. Someone has it in for Naomi. Can they figure out who's out to break them up before they really get started and fix it all before it's too late?

Sophia Shaw did a great job in keeping the suspense and romance high in this novel. Both Naomi and Joshua are very likeable and well developed characters. Depths of Desire is a well-written story that grabs your attention and keeps it to the very end. It's definitely a great read for a true romance lover. This was my first Sophia Shaw novel but it won't be my last.

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