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MAR 07 EXCERPT: Sweet Sensation

Sweet Sensation

Gwyneth Bolton
ISBN 1-58571-206-X
Genesis Press
March 2007

Brief Blurb:

Deidre James has never revealed that her daughter’s father is rap super producer Flex Towns…until a TV show spills the beans. Flex resurfaces and wants to marry Deidre, so he can protect them both from a rival record label owner. But when violence from their past explodes, will eidre be able to keep from running again? Sweet Sensation is the second book in Gwyneth’s Hip-Hop Debutantes trilogy


Deidre James, poet and teacher, was a far cry from Sweet Dee, the bold and sometimes vulgar female rap artist, and she liked it that way. Her life was quiet. No one got shot after a poetry reading. For the most part, the media wasn’t trying to find out the latest dish on an up and coming poet.

Thinking of her simple life made the fact that in two days she was going to have to fly to New York and face Flex all the more stressful. Maybe he’ll be out of town. Maybe he’ll be on tour or something like that. She smiled at her wistful thoughts.

Deidre drove up the back alley, hit the garage door opener, and sailed into her small one car garage. As she walked into the back door of her home, she could hear someone ringing the front doorbell. She wondered if it was the FedEx man. He always came when she wasn’t home. She always filled out the back of the ‘delivery attempted’ card telling them to just leave future deliveries, but he never did. So, she ended up having to drive to the distribution center to pick up the package.

Determined to catch him this time, she ran to the front of the house, almost skidding across the polished hardwood floors. Maybe Kayla is right. Maybe it is time for some new slippers. These have no traction whatsoever.
Deidre banished the thought from her head. There was nothing wrong with her slippers. They had lasted her a good five years and she believed they would last her another five.
She snatched open the door to see Flex Towns turning to walk away.

When the door opened, he turned back around and looked her dead in the eyes. Her mouth fell open and goose bumps suddenly traveled up and down her arms. Handsome was too mild a term to describe the man standing at her front door. He was tall and had filled out with muscles in all the right places. The last time she’d seen him he’d had a head full of small locs. He now sported a close-cropped haircut. His dark chocolate complexion was still smooth and flawless.
Yikes. Not good.

“Fredrick.” Even though he would always be Flex to her, she called him Fredrick. At one time she did it because everyone else called him Flex and she wanted to be different. Later in their relationship, when she told herself she could care less about standing apart from all the groupies and hoochie mamas circulating in Flex’s world and hanging around The Real Deal, she called him Fredrick simply because it got on his nerves.

“Deidre.” His face was stoic. The stern stare made his always quiet demeanor scarier.

She realized that she was standing there with her mouth gaping, eyes wide, and the door open. She let out a hiss of air and tried to fight the dread knotting up in her belly. Flex had obviously seen the television special. There was no reason to try to lie. She was caught.


PatriciaW said...

Oooh, Gwyneth! Every excerpt I read leaves me wanting more. This one is moving rapidly up the TBR list.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Hey Patricia!

Thanks! I know what it means to have a huge to-be-read pile. So many books, so little time... :-)


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