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MAR 07 EXCERPT: Be Encouraged

Be Encouraged
by Lynn E. Hubbard

When Goodbye Is A Gift

Life is full of surprises, some pleasant and some not so pleasant. One thing we all will experience is losing someone or the end of relationship. These things happen for many reasons. Sometimes what starts out as a simple misunderstanding can snowball into a full-fledged battle. Or maybe you are hurt by something another person has done. Whatever happens the result is the same, a bond is broken. Angry goodbyes are flung at each other like weapons and a door slams as one of you walks off. Been there? I’ll bet you have. Much as you may regret leaving or being left behind consider this- sometimes goodbye is a gift.

Think about it for a minute. Not all friendships are good for you. A true friend will never lead you into danger or wrongdoing. Young people have to learn to distinguish true friends from false one. You might be sad when a “friend” stops hanging with you because you wouldn’t go along with the crowd. They might even make fun of you and make you feel left out and alone. Listen, this may the biggest favor they could ever do for you. The price tag is way too high for the “fun” they claim you will have. If they stop calling you let go. That goodbye is a gift. Accept it.

To those of us that Reverend Flowers call the Not-So-Young, the same lesson applies. Some friends want to discuss everything that is wrong with everybody else. Resist. Life is tough enough without finding reasons to be mad. Avoid the chronically dissatisfied critic who picks through even the sunniest day to find the cloud. If you don’t cooperate, she’ll probably stop calling. That goodbye is a gift. Accept it.

You may be dating someone who does not treat you with the respect or consideration you deserve. No matter how hard you try it’s not enough. Guys complain about women who want them to buy things as proof of affection. Women complain, “He doesn’t call when he says he will” and fuss about how thoughtless a man can be. If you spend more time feeling bad than good, take it as a sign. Though you may grieve over the loss of this relationship take that goodbye as a gift.

Goodbyes can be hard, even painful. Yet sometimes it is better to let go. Do what is best for yourself in the long run. Don’t hang on because you fear being lonely or ridiculed. Sometimes saying goodbye is the best thing someone can do for you.

Be Encouraged

Life can be like a highway,

With twists and turns,

With road signs,

And signals,

And lessons to learn.

When the way is divided,

With many a lane,

Just be cautious,

Pay attention,

For wisdom to gain.

Be ready to slow down,

For potholes and shocks,

Stay alert for

A detour,

To avoid those roadblocks.

Look for warnings and signals,

Hold to God’s sweet lifeline,

Where there’s trouble,

Don’t falter,

Take the Lord’s Exit sign.

For He’ll never forsake you,

Or leave you alone,

Stay the course,

Be encouraged,

And you’ll find your way home.

Lynn E. Hubbard

1 comment:

PatriciaW said...

Great post, Lynn!

Sometimes relationships just wear out. Like a favorite pair of shoes. We try to hold on but we eventually bury them in the back of the closet. Not quite ready to dispose of them, although we'll never wear them again. When we finally pull them out, and see how scuffed, run over and out of fashion they have become, we wonder why we wore them as long as we did.

We still appreciate their original beauty and the joy they brought us for a season. But now we accept that it's time to move on, holding on to the memories.

Of course, if they're in good condition, we may yet hold on, because what was once fasionable will be again, and we can recycle that favorite pair. Renewing a long-ago relationship is like getting to wear those suede pumps again.

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