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Defining Moments
Jacquelin Thomas
NAL Praise
ISBN 13 978-0-451-22028-8
February 2007

Rating: 5 Stars - Supreme
Reviewed by Regina Hightower M Div.

This sequel to The Prodigal Husband is excellent Before reading this book, first read the Prodigal Husband, if you haven't already. This book is a sequel to that. Though its a sequel, DEFINING MOMENTS stands alone as a terrific contemporary inspirational story using reflections to tell the key points of the first story I really did not think that Sheila could be redeemed. Cause she was a total harlot from the word say go with her scheming was and conniving deeds . Forgiveness is hard, especially when you have to forgive and forget.

Tori was willing to forgive her husband Jake but she did not want to forgive Sheila. Sheila Moore is not a character to be taken lightly. Ms. Thomas has gone above and beyond the call of duty in portraying a woman who is bad to the bone. Her skill as an author is abundantly clear as she makes a simple statement. “If you really want to know who God is, just look around and see all of the miracles He has done in your life. Ms Thomas' book gives you that spiritual kick that you need and makes you take a good look at yourself. I really wanted Sheila and Nick to get together get married and beat the disease cause we know that all things are possible to them that believe. But he did lead her to Jesus Christ and that was better than a physical relationship could ever be.

Beyond Temptation
Brenda Jackson
Kimani Press
ISBN: 978-0-373-86000-5
Publish Date: January, 2007

Rating: 3 ½ Stars - Great
Reviewed by: Delores Hines

Calling all Brenda Jackson fans, she’s done it again. The Steele Brothers are back in Beyond Temptation, the love bug has caught up to Morgan Steele, for those of you keeping up with the series. Even if you’re new to the series, Brenda writes in a way that informs you without overdoing it for the faithful readers.

In this installment of the Steele family sagas, Morgan who’s had his eye on his sister-in-laws best friend, Lena Spears for over a year, comes up with a plan to win Lena’s heart. Lena a hardworking realtor, taking care of her elderly mother, has been there, done that with relationships. She doesn’t give Morgan the time of day, although the sparks between them are combustible. Morgan pulls out all the stops to win her heart.

Brenda Jackson keeps her novels, simple, centered on morals, family, and good work ethics. Brenda showcases careers that aren’t typically seen in novels. Lena was a portrait of a woman we all know in some capacity, hardworking, caring, taking care of others at the detriment of herself. She was also representing the big, beautiful, girls without apology.

Come with me
J.W. Hawley
Dafina Press
January 2007

Rating: 3.5 stars - Great
Reviewed by Renee Motley

Jessica Bishop is a woman driven to success and she achieves it. Even though she is successful in her business, her personal life leaves a lot to be desired. She covered her own personal emotional baggage by becoming successful and envied by many. Michael “Mighty Cloud” Walker, is a man who also had his share of the good life. He is a wealthy and gorgeous Native American who makes Jessica look twice. Once a powerful and successful attorney in Chicago, he leaves it all to return to North Carolina to reclaim his heritage rights.

Jessica decides that she needs to do some soul searching and retreats to her brother’s cabin and while there she meets Mike. Even though both proclaim that they don’t want anything to do with the word commitment, the attraction is there. When a storm forces them to be together, the succumb to the passion that they have been hiding. The real question becomes whether the city girl can live with the country man.

J.S. Hawley’s debut novel is a good one. She has written a story that features two very different characters. Even though I would have preferred more character development, I did come to care for the characters. There was such a strong blending of supporting characters that this flaw was quickly overlooked. The educational aspect of Native Americans reminded me of Beverly Jenkin’s novels. There is always something to learn and Ms. Hawley’s development of Mike’s history was very well written. The main storyline of love healing the heart, the soul and the mind was well written. If you enjoy passionate love scenes that are believe, this is the novel for you. Ms. Hawley’s debut should be on your must read list.

Soul Fire
Stephanie Dawkins
Dawkins Publishing
ISBN: 1-4243-1186-1
Publish Date: November 2006

Rating: 4 Stars – Excellent
Reviewed by: Delores Hines

“Soul Fire is a spiritual connection that two people have with each other. It usually occurs once two people sleep together, creating an eternal bond. The couple is married in the spirit. But if you develop this connection with the wrong man, it can drive you crazy.”

Jacqueline Stokes turns her back on her spiritual roots to live with a man who seems perfect in every way. The relationship is great for about a year. Shortly after, the emotional roller coaster begins, leaving her a shell of her spiritual self. Through prayer, confession and turning away from the relationship, Jacqueline finally breaks free. Braylon finally gets it together, too little, too late but he has one little weapon to help him win her back. Will it work?

The book is written in first person with Jackie retelling the story. Woven throughout the book are very valuable messages for the reader. The writing style was refreshing, the chapters were titled, which kept each chapter focused on the point. The chapter Sistah’s Watch Your Back didn’t flow with the story, although the information was pertinent. All in all a very well written book.

Soulful Strut
Lynn Emery
Harper Touch Publishing
November 2006

Rating: 4 Stars – Excellent
Reviewed by Renee Motley

Monette Victor spent fifteen years in prison claiming her innocence as she was framed by the County DA, Winn Barron. Even though she is paroled because of newfound evidence, she is still under the jurisdiction of the Louisiana Department of Corrections. She vows to make a new life for herself and to avoid any makes that would draw the attention of Barron. While attempting to create a new life, she writes a bestseller which makes her a star.

Jayson Odum, is attracted to Monette at first sight and Monette is equally attracted to him. The start dating and despite differences of opinions, Jayson feels a connection with her that he has never felt better. However, Monette has serious doubts about relationships due to her wild partying past which lead to her being framed by Barron.

As a huge fun of Ms. Emery, I found Soulful Strut to have her signature character development, a little mystery, some intrigue and all of that makes this novel worth reading. Her novels have characters that make you care for them. This is more than your typical love story. Boy meets girl, fall in love, happy ever after. This is a novel that will have you thinking about life, laughing a little bit and rooting for the characters. It is Monette’s development as a person risking to change her life for a second chance that draws you into the story. Her quest to balance her life, a new romance, and boost her self-esteem from loser to winner is very well written.

Business Unusual
Linda F. Beed
Inspirational Romance/Fiction
On Assignment
ISBN: 0-9785890-0-9
Published: November 2006
Inspirational Fiction

Rating: 4 ½ Stars - Exceptional
Reviewed by: Marguerite Lemons

Bernadette Lewis is a successful business woman with a strong commitment to her faith and her walk with the Lord. Hayes Davis is successful entrepreneur who is used to having women fall at his feet and worship him.

Bernadette has always relied on her faith in God and her family. She begins to question both when it seems that she is to be denied the “one” desire of her heart. Hayes has his eyes set on the “one” prize that he can’t seem to get, Bernadette. Bernadette and Hayes enter into a relationship that will test their wills and their faith. Bernadette has been walking with the Lord all her life, and can’t understand why she is being denied this one thing. When Hayes realizes that God is blocking his path to Bernadette, he embarks on a walk of faith that will dramatically change his life.

Business Unusual is an exceptional book. The main and supporting characters are mature in their individual walks, but are able to show and share their vulnerabilities with each other in their time of need. They support and hold each other accountable for their actions while backing everything up with scripture and prayer.

Mrs. Beed has written a book for all ages. This book addresses many of the questions singles have about relationships, and explains the steps that one needs to take in order to walk in faith. However, it is not just for singles, everyone can learn something that will help them with their daily walk in faith.

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