Monday, June 18, 2007

JUN07 EXCERPT: A Lover's Mask

A Lover's Mask
By AlTonya Washington

Pulling his hands from his pockets, Fernando braced them on either side of her. “You really believe you’ll never sleep with me again?”

County felt her heart flutter and ordered her lashes not to do the same. “I really believe that,” she said, scanning his eyes, the slop of his nose, wide mouth and the lightly bearded square jaw.

Fernando seemed to consider her words before standing straight. “I guess I can buy that. After all, we didn’t get much sleep then, did we?”

County moved off the arm of the chair. Her cheeks burned as images of them together flashed before her eyes. The things he did to her, the things they did to each other. She thought about it everyday. Pleasure swirled through her at the mere memory of the delight she’d experienced. “What we did was a mistake-careless and immature. You must think I’m some sort of-“

“Stop,” he ordered then, his voice brooking no argument. “Don’t do that. I won’t let you do that.”

County raked shaking fingers across her dark cropped hair and turned. “Good night Ramsey,” she sang, preparing to head for the door.

He blocked her path, his size easily allowing him to do so.

Resist him, resist him, she sang, focusing on the breadth of his chest as she dared not look him in the eyes. Her lips parted when his hand settled to the curve of her hip. The massive expanse of his palm massaged her there before angling around the generous swell of her bottom. She moaned when one light tug brought her into his incredible frame. A tiny hiss of a curse rose from her tongue as a wealth of sensation flooded her senses.

For several torturous moments, Fernando cupped her derriere, squeezing and grinding her into the powerful stiffness below his waist. His lips brushed her brow, temple and the line of her cheek. Choosing to forget her resistance, Contessa sought his mouth with her own. His tongue thrust hot and masterfully and she welcomed the power of the act. Whimpering amidst the passionate lunges inside her mouth, County’s fingers curved weakly into his unyielding chest. When his tongue stroked the roof of her mouth and a low growl rose in his throat, Contessa felt her legs weaken. Fernando held her high to prevent her from slipping to the floor. His kiss was deep and branding-possession personified.

County scarcely noticed that he’d carried her with him to the front door. Her fingers were buried in the beautiful silk of his curly dark brown hair and she relished the power lying untapped within his magnificent frame.

“No going to that office of yours tomorrow. I’ll be here by nine A.M.,” he said.

“Okay,” she agreed, sounding every bit the obedient little girl while arching closer for just another taste of his kiss.

Fernando obliged, plying her with a few more sultry probes of his persuasive tongue. County’s eagerness and helpless murmurs into his mouth were almost his undoing, but he managed to ease away and set her to her feet.

“Goodnight,” he said, brushing a smudge of lipstick from her cheek before he walked out the door.

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