Thursday, August 16, 2007

Deadline for conference - Aug 18th

You have two more days to register for the conference.

After that it will be closed.

Why should you register?

For all the great perks:

Online Pitches


Writer's Contest

Door Prizes

Participating in the conference is easy. The conference is on this blog. You read the post and make comments in the comments section.

That's all too it. You don't have to be a member of blogger, but it does help. If you're not a member you can only make annonymous comments.

The best part, there's no set time, so if you feel like coming to the conference at midnight or 4 in the evening you can.

Check out 2005 conference to get a feel of it.

Everyone is welcome to participate, but you can't win any of our goodies if you're not registered, so register before the 18th.

Published Authors if you would like to participate, there's still time, contact me at

I'm still taking donations, so feel free to send them our way.

1 comment:

Rose said...

Looking forward to the conference.

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