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INTRO: Debut Authors

Are you a debut author for 2007?

Please take a moment to tell us about your new book.

Leave a blurb and your website in the comments.


LaConnie said...

When I'm With You is a story of tenderness, passion and mystery that proves - trust is the best proof of love. Visit my website at

What happens when your life has been terroized by violence? And how do you manage to go forward, looking over your shoulder at every turn?

This is the daily questions that haunts Caitlyn Thompson. She's been in hiding from an ex-boyfriend for three years and is always careful not to slip up and allow him to find her again. Working for a neighborhood youth center in East Oakland, she's found her niche. It's something she believes in, having grown up in inner-city New Jersey herself.

After submitting a grant request to a wealthy philanthropist's foundation, Caitlyn is soon to meet the man who will make her want to stop running, want to trust, want to love again; Marcel Baptiste. But it will take a will of iron and a courage she didn't know she possessed to battle her fears and open up to the wealthy entrepreneur. Then, violence knocks again.

Will she have the courage to face her biggest nightmare?

Pre-order a copy from or Barnes & Nobles. com

RhondaN said...


Your book sounds very interesting. I look forward to reading it. Nice review.

LaConnie said...

Hi Rhondan:

I'm glad the book peeked your interest.

Shani Greene-Dowdell, Author, Playwright said...

Laconnie your book sounds like a page turner.

LaConnie said...

Hi Shani:

Thanks for the compliment!!

One of the things you'll find with my novels is that they deal with real-life issues and how the power of true love can conquer just about anything.

Rudelle Thomas said...

"SOAR* Into Your Destiny" debuts mid September and will be available through Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and directly from Lulu Publishing.

What is destiny? I know that I have a destiny, how do I begin to fulfill it? Rudelle Thomas answers these and other questions in her sophomore project. Before you can begin living your life's purpose there are three simple requirements that must be met. The first thing you must do if you ever want to fulfill your Divine Destiny is – DECIDE that you want to, the second thing you must do is BELIEVE that you can, and the third thing you must do is CHOOSE to take the necessary steps to get to it!

Using a combination of divine inspiration, education, and life lessons, Rudelle teaches:

† 10 necessary positive mental patterns that will help you achieve success in every area

† How to overcome the pain of your past, doubts, fears, and the negative words that have been spoken over your life, to leave a life of mediocrity and soar into your Divine Destiny

† Many ideas that will change your current mindset from an “I can’t” mentality to an “I know I can” mentality

"We can change our lives through the power of choice and faith. By choosing what we want to come into our lives, we are changing our mind about our current reality. In other words, our choices impact our destiny!"

Rudelle Thomas
Divine Eloquence Magazine

Shani Greene-Dowdell, Author, Playwright said...

KEEPIN’ IT TIGHT is one woman's drama filled journey to finding and holding on to true love.

Lela James has had just about every type of bad relationship imaginable. She has been physical abused, cheated on, and had men {or better yet BOYfriends} that refused to work. Yet, through it all she still held out hope for a good man that would love, respect, and cherish her.

When she connects with Neil Johnston at the James Family Reunion, her heart knows without a doubt that he is the one. Neil is a hard working business man that was burnt by the last woman he loved and has since thrown himself into work, striving to become CEO at the largest medical technology firm in Atlanta. Neil and Lela hit it off and are soon at the alter – their lives are playing out just like a fairytale.


Amanda Broady, Neil’s sexy white coworker, has had her sights on Neil since they started working together. She is overbearing, intrusive and she is used to getting what she wants, and she wants Neil. She will do anything to erase Lela from his life and take her place, so she makes a deal with Lela’s ex to stir up some trouble at the Johnston house.

Can love prevail?

What happens when two women and one man suffer devastating pain in their love lives and are all looking for some one to mend their hearts? Do they go on to a love triangle... or pure unadulterated drama? KEEPIN’ IT TIGHT explores relationship drama like no other novel. When the insecurity and deception in Cornelius and Lela's marriage reaches a point of no return, it will take a miracle to pick up the pieces.

Available on,, and

Donald James Parker said...

All the Voices of the Wind by Donald James Parker


Love Becomes a Real Science

For Jeremy, a high school senior growing up near Seattle, there are five seasons: rainy,dry,football, basketball, and baseball season. Jeremy's world has always revolved around his father and sports. Now there is a new Heavenly body in town, whose gravity is pulling Jeremy away from the orbit around his dad. Maria, the new girl in town, is on a mission to make her voice heard in the debate of the theory that man evolved from lower life forms. Jeremy's father adamantly believes in Charles Darwin's theory. Who will win the tug of war over Jeremy's heart and mind, as Jeremy evolves from a boy into a man?

Author comment:
I have created a new genre with this work, perhaps. The name I apply to it is Christian faction. This is a novel which combines romance and humor with a cerebral search for truth. It does not pull any punches, naming real people on both sides of the Evolution debate and combining most of the intelligent design/creationism arguments in one central location in a digestible format. All the Voices of the Wind is designed to change the way you look at the world and to help you understand how the world looks at you. Warning: This book is not for those who are not prepared for an intellectual challenge or a spiritual gutcheck.

get more info or order at

Anonymous said...


If the wrong opportunity came along at the right time....what would you do??

Santee Mitchell seems to keep coming up short in life. At least that's how it seems in her mind. Growing up she constantly played second best to her older sister Sonya, and in adulthood, the patterned painfully continues. She’s stuck with a two-timing, drug-dealing boyfriend, while her sister lucked up and hooked a professional ball player. Her money is always running short, when it ran at all. The last straw comes in the form of an eviction notice coupled with an ill-timed pregnancy. Determined to turn her luck around, as well as put some money in the bank, Santee turns to her friend Monique and is immediately hypnotized by the sparkle of her diamond encrusted world. But what she doesn’t realize is that help from Monique comes with a price. A price that not even Santee is willing to pay. Haunted by a fire that still burns for her ex and driven by a wanton lust for a trick turned savior, Santee’s plan starts to unravel and it may be too late to right her wrongs when Monique turns up dead and she is fingered for the gruesome crime; revealing a secret that changes her forever and forcing her to look for answers in the one place she's tried to avoid - inside herself.

Coming February 2008!!

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