Saturday, August 25, 2007

Prayer Room

I know this isn't a Christian conference, but its hosted by a Christian. I wanted to add the prayer room because I know I'm in need of prayer everyday and I'm sure there are others who are in need too.

So feel free to stop in send some prayers up. Because the more prayers go up, the more blessings come down.


LaShaunda said...


I want to thank you for all your help in making this conference possible. I know the devil tried to jump in, but we kick his butt back out.

There are many writers here Lord who dream of being published, including myself. You’ve taught me about patience, so I ask the same for them. There are days when we wonder why do we do this to ourselves, but you are there to whisper in our ear that our season will come.

You know when its our time Lord, prepare us to be ready when you find our publishers. Help us to remember to be kind to those who helped us on this journey. Help us to find the readers who will enjoy our books. Continue to bless us with the words we need to write many more books. Guide us on this journey we call publication and pull us along when we feel we can’t go any further.

Thank you Jesus for all you do and may this conference be a blessing to all who attend.


D.L.Sparks said...

Thank you Lashaunda. Amen.

RhondaN said...


I pray for every attendee at this conference to have their purpose in you fulfilled. We thank you for your love, grace, mercy and giftings. We thank you that you are a faithful God who desires to see us reach our full potential in you. Help us to be good stewards over the gifts you have blessed us with. Please let us that are called to do so write works that will uplift the kingdom, encourage the saints, and save the lost.

Please bless LaShaunda, her family and the work of her hands. Bless her for the service that she does for so many through her online magazine. In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, I pray.


I appreciate the opportunity to for public prayer.

Dyanne said...


MzLynn said...

Hi Lashaunda,
Thank you so much for this prayer room and the prayers that went up. It was so needed this morning. I missed yesterday due to nonsense and was feeling down that I'm coming in on day 2 but the prayer has uplifted me and I'm ready to roll.

Hi, I'm Dee said...

Thank you so much for the prayer room, Lashaunda.

Mzlynn, thank you for coming. I pray that you stay lifted up.

Rhonda, you are the praying diva of our writing group. God bles you!

LaShaunda said...

Thank you all for the prayers, I truly appreciate them.

Mzlynn you haven't missed it girl. The best part about this conference is you can go back. Now tell me can you do that at a live conference? NOPE If you missed it, you missed it unless they have a tape, but that's not the same.

So if you miss apart, go back and check it out. I'll put up a new link for those who miss days so they can ask questions and if the panel members are here they can answer.

Fon James said...

Amen to all who prayed before me! May we all be blessed as writers and do God's will in our lives.

In Jesus name, Amen
Fon James

Shelia E. Lipsey said...

I have missed the 1st days of the conference but God is good because u am traveling promoting my novels! Lord I thank you for that. I thank you Lord for the wonders of technology. I thank you Lord for each of the participants. Bless Lashunda in a mighty way! Bless her family Father! Thank you lord for every good and perfect gift that you bestow upon us. Amen

LaShaunda said...


I would like to send up a special prayer for Michelle Larks. May you be a comfort to her right now. Give her the strength she needs. Be there for her on the days, she just doesn’t want to. Be a friend, when she needs one. Hold her tight when she needs a hug. Show her that you’re always with her even during the sad times.

In Jesus name,


Dyanne said...

Please lift Fatima Gomez who is going through her last hours and her family up in prayer. Please pray for peace for her and the family.


Shoba said...

Yes. Amen. I agree with you in prayer, Dyanne and your lovely prayer too LaShaunda.

Lord, I pray for a special blessing for LaShaunda and her work and ministry for tirelessly keeping the blog and her writing going and helping many other Spirit-filled writers with their work. Provide for her in finances, inspiration and let her never run dry on Your anointing.

Bless her abundantly Lord and bless all the animals of the world too. Let them always have abundance of food, drink, love, shelter and freedom all the days of their lives.

I pray you will raise writers to highlight through stories and articles and letters, the importance of loving animals, bonding with them, treating them with respect and sharing this world with them in peace and love.

In Jesus Name. Amen.

Shaun said...

I want to Thank LaShaunda because she is relentless in her efforts to help the nonpublished become published. She is fervent in her efforts to get the published authors works out there for new fans. I've missed the entire session up until today because my family was here for the weekend, as well as through the week for my brother in laws wedding.
I am late but MzLynn's comment was exactly how I was feeling. I am hoping that this confreence will give me the push I need to turn back to my work. Ive let it sit by the wayside too long and really need to if nothing else get it puslished to see where I can go from here. So I pray that I get encouragement from this conference and profound knowledge and wisdom to make this mountain move before me. I also ask that the Lord continues to bless LaShaunda in all things as each person has requested before me.

In Jesus Name. Amen.

Beverly said...

Thank you Jesus for the desire to write for Your glory. May all my words reflect what a great God You truly are.

Didalynn said...

Lord, You are a great and mighty God!! You are my rock, my one true love. You promise to heal, to comfort, and direct our paths and I accept those promises.

Lord, I lift this conference and all it's attendees, up to You . Give them a guiding spirit with their writing and an abundance of comfort in their lives. Bless every person here and supply every need. I thank You for all Your answered prayers and the love You have for us.

In Jesus' precious name, Amen

Stefanie Worth said...

God has been moving mountains for me all summer, leading me to green pastures and inner peace I couldn't have dreamed of in my oh-so-busy life. My prayer is that He will do the same for you and yours.
Expect and accept the blessings!

Dyanne said...

Thank you Lord, for the grace that has flow through this conference from the beginning to the end. I ask for your continued blessing on LaShaunda and her family and on each participant of this conference, even the lurkers.


Yolanda said...

Thank you Lashaunda!!
A fitting prayer- I too wonder why do I do it to myself as well with this speed and high energy, but then I remember it truly is the lord holding me literally by each arm.

I prayer all whom have visited the conference are blessed and get whatever they need to make it to the next step of their writing journey.


Dyanne said...

Father, I ask that you stretch out your hand of protection for all your children who will be traveling during this busy holiday time. I am grateful for this moment of fellowship when my spirit is at peace and we are alone. I thank you for all the blessings in my life and most especially in this moment I thank you for the Christians who gather here throughout the day unashamed to pray. The joining of their prayers with mine for my loved ones has helped to lighten my burden. In Jesus name I thank you.


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