Saturday, September 01, 2007

In Memory Of

Katherine D. Jones
Aug 17 1965 - May 17 2007

I would like to dedicate this conference to the memory of Katherine D. Jones. I met Katherine at a conference she was an aspiring writer dreaming of publication. She became a contributer to the magazine and I was too excited to be able to promote her book when she debut.

She was a loyal participant of the conference. We'd send emails back in forth talking about what we liked and what we'd learned. I really missed her this year, because I know she had a lot of wisdom to share.

Life is so short, please remember to tell those you love you love them. Hug more and be kind to other, because you never know.

I miss you Katherine, I know you’re in heaven sharing your books. Till we meet again, I will make sure your memory lives on.

Visit Katherine's site and learn more about this kindred spirit
If you have memories of Katherine, please feel free to share them here.


Final Draft said...

RIP to another one of God's Angels. Your voice will never be forgotten, Katherine Jones.

Final Draft

Shelia said...

Her wisdom is definately missed. I could count on her to give me the real deal and encouraging words.

fabulous40 said...

I'm in shock, honestly I can't believe it. She was an amazing individual. Blessings on her family, friends, and readers.

Hi, I'm Dee said...

I miss Katherine so much. She was a great writer and so eager to learn about writing. we talked often about her writing and the direction of her writing career. i treasured her. she was one of the few authors who didn't look at low review ratings as book bashing but as an opportunity to grow as a writer and search for more ways to connect with her blossoming readership. i love her book and will continue to support her writing legacy.

thanks for dedicating this conference to her, lashaunda

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