Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Seven years and still kicking, thank you for being a part of my dream.
As a thank you, I'm giving away seven SORMAG goody paks.

How well do you know SORMAG?

Answer one question for a chance to win.

What was the name of the forum that inspired SORMAG?

When was our first online conference?

Who was our first author we featured on the site?

Who was our first co-editor?

Who was the cover author on our first print issue?

Who was our first Featured Author on the blog?

needs goodies

Looking for a free way to advertise your book?
Why not be a part of SORMAG’s goody pak.
We give out a Goody Pak each month to a lucky winner.
You’ll get free advertisement twice,
one to the winner and one in our newsletter when I list the winner of the Goody Pak.

Do you have a product that our readers would like?
Let us include it in our goody pak.

Contact me at – sormag@yahoo.com


Shelia said...

Happy Annniversary!!! I may not be able to answer those other questions but I can say SORMAG gave me my first interview!!!

LaShaunda said...


The best part about doing SORMAG is being able to introduce my writer friends to our readers.

I'm like a proud Mama, when I get a chance to toot their horn. I know its the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Congrats on all your success.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Happy Anniversary! SORMAG is such a wonderful resource for readers and writers! Keep on doing your thing, LaShaunda. Kudos to you for bringing this valuable asset to the reading community for seven years!


LaShaunda said...

Thanks Gwyneth!

Anonymous said...

Hey LaShaunda

Happy Anniversary, I just love SORMAG and the new look of your newsletter and the bookmarkers would make wonderful gifts just for book reading freinds. I wish you great success and another 7yrs.

Tina Allen

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