Monday, November 19, 2007

EXCERPT : Back and Forth

by Fon James

Step into the college lives of Faith, Gavin, Chrissy, and Remi to see how temptation, betrayal, faith and forgiveness all plan an integral role in the journey to growing closer to God.

Chapter One Excerpt

“Don’t do it!” they all shouted as Gavin pulled his car into the small parking lot. There were several cars in the lot and only two available spaces left. Gavin whipped his late model Toyota Camry into one of the vacancies on the end. He had been holding Faith’s hand for the duration of the ride.

“Well, I guess this is it, Gavin. Are we sure this is what we want to do?” Faith looked into Gavin’s eyes, hoping that something in them would give her a signal that this was not the right decision.

“Faith, we’ve already talked about this for two and half weeks straight. There is no other way. We don’t have a choice. We are just too young to handle such a huge responsibility like this. I mean, we are pretty much kids ourselves. Let’s just do this and get it over with.”

Faith stared at her boyfriend. She loved him so much and he had to be right…right? What other options did they have? She knew it was wrong, but it was the only right she and Gavin knew at the time. From the moment she’d discovered her plight, it had become the focal point of all of their conversations.

“Gavin, it’s Faith. Um, we need to talk. Can you meet me in your lobby in about fifteen minutes?”

“Faith, you know I am getting ready to leave campus so that I can catch my flight. Girl, you know I love your butt, so don’t be trying to make this little mini-Christmas vacation a big deal. I’ll be back in two weeks and like I said last night, umph…last night.” Gavin thought about his Christmas gift from Faith and briefly paused to reflect before finishing his statement. “I will call you everyday.”

“Gavin Tremaine Roberts, would you just listen!” Faith nearly screamed into the phone. We have to talk before you go. I know what you said last night, but I have to tell you something before you leave and this cannot wait. It’s really important; okay, baby?” She quieted her voice as she felt herself about to cry. “I’ll be right over, okay.”

Faith snapped the purple top back on the pregnancy test and slipped it into her jacket pocket. She tried to zip it closed, but the pocket wasn’t shaped right for the stick. “I’ll just hold it in my hand so I can be sure it won’t slip out while running. Should I even be running?” She talked to herself, as the positive results of the test came rushing back to her remembrance. Slipping her feet into her shoes, Faith rushed out the door. Even after nearly screaming at Gavin, her best friend and roommate, Chrissy, was still sound asleep, so she didn’t even worry about locking the door to their dorm room.

As she made her way across the campus to the men’s freshman dormitory, she wondered what her boyfriend’s reaction was going to be. She said a quick prayer and asked God to help her make it through this. Gavin was standing on the curb as though he was waiting on a bus.

“Faith, girl, you are really tripping. You gone make me late, over here waiting on you like this. What it do, baby? Hit me with the info quick or I’m gone miss my flight.”

Faith thought about it and realizing that she had little or no time for antics, she blurted, “Gavin, I’m… I’m pregnant.” As tears began to roll down her cheeks, Gavin dropped his bag in shock.

He instantly grabbed Faith and pulled her close as he stared into the morning sky. Today was supposed to have been a great day. He was going to see his family in the next couple of hours and celebrate Christmas. Engulfed by shock and anguish, Gavin mouthed a silent oath.

Gavin’s best friend, Remi, pulled his red Chevy Blazer up to the curb where the couple was standing, still embracing one other. “Man look, y’all ought to have enough of each other, all that sex y’all been having lately. If we gone make this flight, we have to go now.” Remi chuckled, but quickly noticed that neither of his friends was laughing with him. Faith pulled away and looked at Remi with tearful eyes.

“What? What’s wrong, man?” He noticed that Gavin’s eyes were slightly watered too. “Man, would somebody please say something?”
“Remi, give me a minute with Faith, then we can go.” Remi was about to object, but the seriousness in Gavin’s face told him not to. He knew that Gavin would tell him what was going on during the ride to the airport.

“Faith, sweetie, we will get through this together, okay? I am so sorry I did this to you. I knew I should have used a condom. I am really sorry. I am even sorrier that I have to leave you, but I have to catch this flight if I want to get home for Christmas. I will call you as soon as I get home, okay, so that we can talk. I love you, sweetie.”
And just like that, he and Remi were off. Faith stood shivering in the cold with her hands still clenching the pregnancy test. She watched as Remi’s SUV disappeared.

While Gavin and Faith got out of the car, the protestors were still shouting...

End of Excerpt

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LaShaunda said...


Thank you for the interview. It is alway nice to meet someone who is excited about their book and willing to share what they've learned on their writing journal.

Many more blessings to you and your writing career. I will definitely save your book to pass on to my daughter and nieces.

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