Friday, January 11, 2008


Gary Starta

A love of crime scene investigation and mystery inspired the creation of Murder By Association, a novel set in Starta’s birth state, Massachusetts. Starta plans to feature Detective Stanford Carter in several forthcoming books.

Dedication: For Elena and Inga

Murder By Association

CSI inspired novel available at Eternal Press.Com

As Boston’s most lethal serial killer jeopardizes the city’s anniversary celebration, CSI boss Stanford Carter desperately fights for forensic clues to nail the perp. But the ‘Plunger’ who stabs his victims through the heart, leaves only Tarot cards as evidence. The Mayor is demanding an arrest and eventually Carter’s diligence gives him one. But the Mayor is keeping a secret from Carter. He is being blackmailed by the mob and soon the murders will begin again and this time they will no longer be just the work of a deranged serial.

See it here…

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Vanessa A. Johnson said...

Sounds very interesting. I love a good murder mystery and this sounds like it fits the bill.

Love & Peace,

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