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I am a nurturing spirit and insightful communicator. I am sensitive to supernatural forces and I am comfortable with verbal, psychic and psychological communications. I write from my mind's eye about love, friendship, fear, spirituality and paranormal experiences. Everything I write plays across my mind's eye like on a movie screen, first. I see, hear, touch, smell and taste the things my characters experience. My writing process brings clarity, understanding and strength to my own life. I expose my and my characters' deepest feelings embracing good and bad emotions logically and realistically then interpreting and writing the story that unfolds.

The Wolf
Amanda Grihm

JAG Publishing
ISBN: 10- 0974549703
ISBN: 13- 9780974549705

Every September 23rd for 13 years Sarissa dreamed about transforming into a powerful wolf. It is not until Anaghia, Sarissa's ancestral and Alfa wolf, leads her on a mystical journey back through time that she appreciates the wolf's presence and power. Along with the understanding that the wolf's blood runs through Sarissa's veins came the release of a victimization that lasted 24 years, the strength and courage to defeat her past and present enemies, and the courage to break free from an unhappy marriage. The Wolf blends truth with fiction, drama with suspense and the spiritual with the supernatural.

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