Thursday, July 31, 2008

AUTHOR INTRO: Reshonda Tate Billingsley

ReShonda Tate Billingsley always did have an active imagination. From making up stories to crafting award-winning poems, the national bestselling author has always maintained a love for telling stories. After numerous rejections from publishers, ReShonda stepped out on faith, established her own publishing company, and released her debut novel, My Brother’s Keeper. The book caught the attention of one of the country’s top literary agents, who secured a deal for ReShonda with megahouse publisher, Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books.


She thought she was through with love and marriage.
But a renewed faith may just change her mind. . . .

Vanessa Colton-Kirk has seen it all in her notorious divorce court. But she never thought the drama would make its way into her own marriage. However, that’s just what happens when Vanessa’s husband Thomas tires of his career-driven wife….and turns to Alana Irving to give him what he needs, and wants – a baby. But Alana has ulterior motives. She’s out to take Vanessa’s man, her money and her life…all in a quest for revenge. Now a woman scorned, Vanessa thinks her only relief will come in paying back her husband and his mistress. But just when she thinks she’s won, fate steps in and helps her see things in a whole new light.

Vanessa’s not the only one hell-bent on revenge. Her sister, Dionne is looking to show her cheating boyfriend a thing or too. But when her payback plan goes horribly wrong, Dionne’s life may end up in shambles.

Two sisters will discover that they need a lot more than revenge to heal their hearts…they’re going to need a whole lot of faith.


Rhonda McKnight said...

I featured Reshonda on my blog this week for her young adult series. I just received my copy of Can I Get a Witness. Can't wait to read it.

Also great job on CFBA's Online Magazine, Lashaunda. Seems you and I have something in common, loving to see the word about African American Christian Fiction Authors get out.



Vanessa Richardson said...

Hi LaShaunda. I agree Rhonda, I too love seeing the word of African American Authors getting out, so thank you.

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned. Whoo hoo, I am going to get my copy of Can I Get a Witness.
The plot is intriguing, and I am partial to Heroine's name :)

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