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REVIEWS: June 2008

To Tame a Wild Stallion
Deborah Fletcher Mello

Kimani Romance
ISBN-13: 9780373860692
Pub. Date: June 2008

Rating: 5 Stars – Supreme
Reviewed by: Regina Hightower

Mark love women and fast cars and motorcycles but when he first met Michelle (Mitch) it was love at first sight, and Mitch thought the same way when she first saw Mark. They almost had me believing in love at first sight.

Mitch is a top notch mechanic and college professor, who jump starts Mark’s heart. The characters of this book are so good together. Once a Stallion falls in love with you it can't get any better. When these Stallion men love they love hard. There are two more fine Stallion men and I can't wait to see what’s going to happen with Matthew and Luke. This is a great book can’t wait for the next two.

Coles Red Hot Pursuit
Brenda Jackson

Silhouette Desire
ISBN-13: 9780373768745
Pub. Date: June 2008

Rating: 5 Stars – Supreme
Reviewed by: Regina Hightower

From the First moment that Texas Ranger Cole Westmoreland had laid eyes on Dr. Patrina Foreman, the only thing that he could think about was how he was going to get her into his bed. Patrina had been widowed when her husband, Perry, who was the town sheriff, had been killed by an escaped convict. Patrina vowed to never be involved with a man that had anything to do with the law enforcement. Eleven months later, Cole had left the airport was on his way to his sister’s house on the outskirts on Bozeman, MT. An unexpected blizzard caused white-out condition. Cole was involved in a fender bender hit his head and he passed out. Cole awoke in a bed that he didn’t remember ever seeing. He then noticed a woman in the room. He saw it was Patrina Foreman.

Patrina had found Cole along side the road on her way home. She managed to get him into her car and she took him home with her. Now with the blizzard raging outside she was going to be with the one man that could turn her into the passionate woman that she never knew she was. How can Patrina stay out of the way of Cole’s Red-Hot pursuit?

Ms. Jackson edition of the Westmoreland story continues with sexy, red hot male, and a beautiful, sultry full figured female Doctor. This book will have you needing a pair of gloves as this relationship is Hot…

Ms. Jackson has once again has brought four very different people together. Who are the other two? Will they find true loved? Stay tuned.

Destined to Meet
Devon Vaughn Archer

Kimani Romance
ISBN-13: 9780373860715
Pub. Date: June 2008
Contemporary Romance

Rating: 4 Stars - Excellent
Reviewed by: Regina Hightower

Three years ago Joseph Hudson died in an accident. He left behind a grieving widow Courtney, whose social life has been dormant ever since. Her cousin Pilar persuades her to meet her at the hottest club in Lake Barri, Colorado, The Train Stop. However, Pilar failed to show or answer her cell phone leaving Courtney to fend for herself.

Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Detective Lloyd Vance moved to Lake Barri. The person he is to meet at The Train Stop failed to show up however, when he sees Courtney he no longer cares. They talk as each is attracted, but their first encounter is interrupted when he is called on duty as her cousin is a hit-and-run victim. As they fall in love, he refuses to discuss with her either the case or his relationship with Pilar before he met Courtney.

This is a fascinating contemporary romance in which the lead male’s reluctance to discuss his relationship with this beloved’s cousin puts their future in jeopardy. The story line is driven by Courtney and Lloyd who each has ghost they bring into their relationship she feels guilt regarding Joseph as he’s never recovered from his dad walking out on his mom and him. Although one subplot “heals” long festering wounds too easily, fans will appreciate the romance between the Alaskan Detective and the Lower Forty-eight widow.

Wrong Dress Right Guy
Shirley Hailstock

Kimani Romance
ISBN-13: 9780373860708
Pub. Date: June 2008
Contemporary Romance

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars – Great
Reviewed by: Regina Hightower

Okay, so the story was cute and made you feel warm and fuzzy. It wasn't all that I thought that it could have been. I thought it was a little unbelievable. Mac and Cinnamon made a cute couple but something about Mac I didn't like too much. He seemed to act too much like a spoiled child at times. I wanted to know did he need a woman, a wife or his mother?

The Perfect Man
Carla Fredd

Kimani Romance
ISBN-13: 9780373860685
Pub. Date: June 2008

5 Stars – SUPREME
Reviewed by: Regina Hightower

Ms. Fredd has come back with a vengeance. I compare her to Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson they are the only ones who can be gone for years and make a jubilant come back. This is the second book in the series, The Three Mrs. Foster. This book was great. You get to know the up tight Renee who has built up this wall around her heart until she meets back up with Chris Foster the younger brother of her deceased husband who happens to be Fine.

Chris sees the real Renee and that is who he falls in love with. Chris is also the man who said he did not want a forever relationship but Renee does. Renee has some issue in trusting. Will Chris break that wall down? Will Renee fall head over heels in love with him as he falls in love with Renee?

We also get to see Alexandria and Hunter again along with Danielle and Tristian. I also recommend that you read the first book, This Time For Good by Carmen Green, and Just Desserts by Brenda Jackson the third book in the series.

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Carla Fredd said...

Thank you Regina Hightower for the wonderful review of my book THE PERFECT MAN (June 2008, Kimani Press). It really made my day :)

Carla Fredd

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