Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When Do You Write?

Some of the authors I've interviewed say, they get up early to write.

I'm not a morning person, so getting up early doesn't help me. Most of my writing is done at night. Since having a new little one, I haven't done much writing at home. Most is done at lunch time at work.

When do your creative juices began to flow for you?


Shonell Bacon said...

It depends. I'm a night person, so I tend to shut down the world around me and get to writing then. However, with school and grading and all that jazz, I'm so tired and busy during a semester that I write when I can. Like right now, I have an hour between classes, so I'm working on a script, ;-)

Linda Hargrove said...

Hi, LaShaunda. Great question. When I am writing seriously on a novel, I write best in the morning or at night. I have three school-aged kids and when they're home (on weekends, holidays, etc).

Sometimes, I avoid writing or write only during their daily 'rest time.' Yes, even the older kids have a rest time. Really it's a time for mom to write or catch up on work (or nap). And they just might go to sleep ... which means more writing time.

My kids know I work from home and that I write books sometimes. I let them in on what I'm doing and that it is important because it's mommy's job. I'm not just playing games on the computer. I can't remember the last time I played a computer game unless it was for kids.

My kids are my co-workers, especially during the school year when they're doing their homework. I work on somebody's Web site or book cover. When they're working at the kitchen table, I'm working at my computer.

Then later, when we're done working, we play. And when I get paid for my work, we celebrate with some small (edible) treat and I remind them that this money is from mommy's work on the computer (writing, designing, etc).

This helps them make the connection (and not be so whiny about mom on the computer) and it involves them in the process, making it easier for me to have a home based, computer based career.

Over time it gives me more writing time and family time.

PatriciaW said...

Whenever I can. Usually in the evenings since I'm not a morning person either and I'm trying to use my AM time for developing a discipline around exercise.

But I'm not one of those folks who writes into the wee hours of the night. Can't do it. Life is too busy for me to try to function on a lack of sleep. So even if it's only for a half hour or so, I do what I can in the earlier part of the evening or on weekends.

LaShaunda said...

Linda, Shon, and Pat, thanks for stopping by and sharing your writing time.

When I became a mother I found my write when I feel like it, went out the window. I had to become more discipline with my writing. I also had to figure out what works for me.

Like some people talk into a recorder. Tried it and never could make myself talk into the thing. So I listen to my muse, and write when its says write. Even if its at a stop light.

Happy writing.

Anonymous said...

I used to set aside a specific time for writing. Of late I tend to go with the flow of my muse.


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