Wednesday, December 17, 2008


You know how much I love giving away prizes, so if you want to join in on the fun. Send your donations to and I'll send you the winners names.

Thanks for your donation:

eBook from Red Rose Publishing - - WINNER: Sean Young

Mini Christmas stocking of bookmarks and a book thong from Simply Said

Three books by Bettye Griffin

1 Sister Betty! God's Calling You, Again
1 Mother Eternal Ann Everlastin's Dead
1 Cruisin' On Desperation
1 Somewhat Saved
from Sister Betty -

2 copies of Zuri Day's Lies Lovers Tell
3 ARC copies of A Preacher's Passion.
from Luishia Lovely -

Her Captain's Heart from Lyn Cote -

Six books by Marcia King Gamble


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bettye griffin said...

Pssst! LaShaunda, it's Bettye Griffin, not Griffith.

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