Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Favorite Blogs for 2008

I love visiting blogs.

Here are my 10 favs:

I’m a fan of Gwen Bolton - but right now the site is down.

What were your five favorite blogs to visit in 2008?


Jessica said...

Great list! Some of those are also my favorites. :-)

Michelle Sutton said...

I enjoy,,

LaShaunda said...

I like those too Michelle,

I guess I need my fav 50

Rhonda McKnight said...

Thanks Michelle for the shout out on I love your blog, too. Keeps me current on what's out there in Christian Fiction. What's stories are being done, know.

Ty Moody's
Shelia Goss's Blog
Patricia's ReadingandWriting Blog.
Marilynngriffith's blog
Gaymer Martin's blog (great for writing craft) at
APOOO does daily updates/challenges and such that are similar to a blog format. I don't miss it.

I think that's 13.

Missy said...

I love to blog I need to have a daily does of the following:

Feeding my flesh daily with

Cheryl Robinson

Another way we connect as a church family

Patricia W. said...

Thanks for including my blog on your list.

I read too many to name. But some of my favorites, in addition to those already named, are:

Camy Tang's StorySensei
Bettye Griffith's Chewing the Fat with Bettye
Writer's First Aid
Chicki Brown's Sister Scribe
Wet Noodle Posse

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