Wednesday, January 14, 2009

POETRY from Reflections of a Mississippi Maganolia

In honor of our Family Literacy theme, Patricia shared this poem from her book, Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia


Reading is fundamental,
That's what they always say;
Without it, I couldn't even imagine,
Wanting to start my day.
My mother's love of reading,
Was passed down straight to me;
And wherever it is that I am,
Some book with me, you'll see.
In my purse or under my arm,
Or maybe in my car;
I'm not so sure where the book would be,
But it couldn't be very far.
My mother says she remembers,
Books and papers 'round her mothers bed;
Where she would spend the whole long day,
With knowledge being fed.
I love to read all kinds of things,
I never get enough;
I guess, I could live without my books,
But, boy, it would be tough.

Copyright 2008 Patricia Neely-Dorsey


Anonymous said...

Hello Today,Sormag's My name is Alvin D.Harris,Sr. I have a daughter name Julia Kelly that is very talented in writing and drawing. She has a some what publisher agent that is really calling all the time, waiting for a response so that he could start publishing her book.As parents me and her mom will not just hand out money on a first come bases conversation with this agent? Could you write in talk to our Daughter Julia, on what it take to writing a book and having it publish. she get good grades in school, this is her senior year. We want her to be successful in life, but just don't go with the first person that show interest in your book. As a father,I need help with her on this issue. Julia has a 3.5 GPA in her Chinese Language Class and a overall GPA of 3.2.. My wife read alot Black Southern Poetry Novels. If you have the time to give my daughter Julia some information on this, book publishing steps. Mississippian,Clarksdale,Ms. Dad,1979 Alcorn State University.Mom,1983 Delta State University,Graduates.
Thank you,
Alvin D. Harris,Sr.

LaShaunda said...

Mr. Harris,

Your didn't leave a contact email, so I hope you stop by again.

Please do not give anyone any money to publisher your daughters book.

Contact me at -

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