Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SORMAG Shout Outs

Introduce yourself to the SORMAG readers. Tell us a little about you and your world.

Post all of your news and information here that is off topic. Would you like to leave testimonials, book reviews or news? Leave it all here.

Ask LaShaunda questions, say hi to an old friend or may be share a birthday note with the family.

This is the SORMAG Shout Out Message Board. Tell us what's going on in your world.


Tyora Moody said...

Hey LaShaunda,

I'm dropping into give you a shout-out and to say many, many blessings in all that you do through SORMAG! It's been cool to watch you grow over the years. Looking forward to seeing your books on shelves in the future.


Anonymous said...

Hey Big Sis,

It's looking really great!! I pray you have a AWESOME YEAR!!! Keep believing in your dreams and it will happen. I'm proud of you. "you go girl"

Love Ya,
Sis Stephanie

LaShaunda said...


Thanks for the shout out. I'm glad this is all done, now I can get back to writing.

LaShaunda said...


I'm so happy you stop by. That means a lot to me. I believe 2009 is the beginning of beautiful things for SORMAG, Me and my family.

Happiness to you.

Melissa said...

The website and the blog are BEAUTIFUL! I can only hope to learn how to create such stunning sites. SORMAG is such a valuable asset for both authors and readers--the services you provide are top notch. Keep up the good work and all the best in 2009!

Sean D. Young said...

I love the new look LaShaunda. You will continue to be blessed. Keep on giving. Thanks for all your support through the years.


Anonymous said...

Hi LaShaunda,

I just want to say I thank you for giving me the opportunity to show case my first novel Man of My Dreams? in your book store. Being a new author has been wonderful yet sometimes scary. The story spins around in your head, you put words to paper, fall in love with your characters and hope your reading base would to. All in all, I love it. My newly release novel Hidden Secrets has been a joy to write and I hope my readers will love it as well. Thanks LaShaunda for giving new authors a chance to show case our work. You are a blessing!!!
Janie De Coster

Rekaya Gibson said...

Hi LaShaunda!

I won Consequences: When Love is Blind. I really enjoyed reading it.
I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the drawing.
My debut novel, "The Food Temptress" is now available in bookstores nationwide and on Amazon. Let me know if you would like a copy to raffle.

Rekaya Gibson, Author
The Food Temptress

Anonymous said...

Hey LaShaunda,

Love the new site look. This is such a long way from your first attempt to draw us all together (cough-cough) years ago. Glad to see that you're still keeping the good work of SORMAG going!

Gail McFarland

Roy L. Pickering Jr. said...

Hello members and visitors to SORMAG. I am pleased, delighted, make that thrilled to announce that my debut novel Patches of Grey has been published by M.U.D. House Books and is now available for sale from Amazon.

Below you will find a synopsis. If you opt to purchase a copy please be sure to share your thoughts once done reading. I greatly enjoy hearing from my readers. After all, without them there would be considerably less point to writing in the first place.

Synopsis: Tony Johnson is a studious young man planning to soon graduate from much more than high school. Although his zip code places him in a Bronx tenement, his sights are set far beyond the trappings of his humble upbringing. Collegiate dreams combined with falling in love with a white classmate put him strongly at odds with his father. Although his brother C.J. s rebellious ways place him directly in the path of danger on gang ruled streets, and the virginal innocence of their sister Tanya is clearly approaching its demise, it is Tony who incurs the majority of Lionel Johnson's wrath for the sins of ambition, daring to be with Janet Mitchell, and refusing to bend to his father's will. Seeing unrealized goals reincarnated in the eyes of his eldest son harshly remind Lionel of what once could have been, and of what went wrong. His own childhood in a segregated southern town established a bitter, prejudiced outlook that is the only legacy he has to pass down to his children. When his job and role as primary breadwinner are lost, Lionel's authority quickly erodes and he drowns his disappointment one drink at a time. This affords Tony, who lacks the seemingly servile patience of his mother, an opportunity to assert his right to become the man he wants to be rather than allowing his fate to be set by chance and circumstance. But throughout the course of Roy Pickering's engrossing debut novel, Tony comes to learn that the world is not as black and white as he and his father's opposing mindsets would suggest.

- Roy

Faith said...

Hello all,
My name is Faith Murphy Knight and I am the author of "Desperate Dating - 10 mistakes that will keep you single." My genre is Self-Help and I look forward to interacting with you all this week.

Monica Marie Jones said...

Hello Everyone!

My name is Monica Marie Jones and I am an author, motivational speaker and all around Inspirationista! I've written four books so far, "The Ups and Downs of Being Round," "Taste My Soul", "FLOSS" and my HOT new novel, "SWAG". I also host a radio show on Michigan Literary Network Radio called, Marketing and Motivation Mondays with Monica Marie Jones.

Now enough of that formal stuff! I love READ, write (of course) and travel. I stepped out on faith and left my full time job (with benefits) to pursue my passion for writing and I've never looked back.

This conference is awesome and I can't wait to dig in!

Monica Marie Jones

Rachel Berry said...

Greetings fellow wordsmiths my name is Rachel Berry. I grew up in Newark, East Orange, and Orange New Jersey school systems. Later I moved to Virginia and is now a mother of 4 adults, wife, grandmother of 2 gorgeous girls, a published author & poet, motivational speaker, radio talk show host and a community leader.
I'm also a fulltime government employee for 24 years.
As founder and president of a social community group and caregiver to both of my parents I juggle a full schedule. "Black Pearls United INC"(an African American sister-circle) was founded in 2000. For a short time "WOMB" (women of many blessings) a support group for single-mothers was also a program I founded in 2004.

I am also a alumni member of Toastmasters International where I served as Sergeant at Arms and earned my CTM (Competent ToastMaster.)

As a wife and mother my family comes first and we enjoy life in Virginia. When I'm not writing I also enjoy reading, dining out, traveling and watching movies. I accredit my gain in blessings and achievements to my relationship and guidance from my creator, association with great women, positive family members, loyal friends, the upbringing of an amazing woman-my mother, and the support and love of my husband and children.

I am proud to be in the company of the many great artists who also shadow this site and the founder LaShaunda who gives unselfishly of her self to others.

Rachel's book 'From The Heart And Heat Of Me' is a selection of poetry and prose on the many settings of life & love. The poem "Give Her A Chile, So She Know," holds a special tribute to single-mothers.

Berry's new release & novel 'Family Pictures' is the saga of two women from the same family but with different life styles, educational backgrounds and age groups. Though close, these two women face emotional challenges because of revealed family secrets that not only affect them but the people they call family. This story is a pictorial & literary ride into relationships, betrayal, hidden secrets, jealousy, revengeful relatives, patience, understanding, and self discovery.

Be on the look-out for Rachel Berry's upcoming novel in the winter of 2010

"Between The Tears
The Laughter."

Karen Kay/Gen Bailey said...

Hey LaShaunda!

Wonderful conference. What am amazing job you've done on this.

I'm an author of Native American Historical Romance and did one of your workshops today.

What an incredible conference this is, LaShaunda!

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