Thursday, February 19, 2009

What (services) do you want? What do you have to give?”

Our country is in a crisis and its affecting everyone. I for one have seen how its touching SORMAG, so I can imagine how its touching you.

Money is hard to come by. Did you know that sometimes you don’t always need money to make ends meet?

Bartering has always been a system people used to get what they want. You give a service in return for a service you want. How hard is that?

What services do you have to offer? Think about your talents and what you can do and what you need done.

SORMAG will start a bartering service and we invite you to participate. ITS FREE, all you have to do is add your talents and I’ll list them and hopefully someone will contact you for your services and needs.

What do I need from you: In the comment section,

LIST: What you have to offer
What you need (if you don't have a need right now, just list your offer)
Email address to contact you.

Let’s get started helping each other and getting what we want without having to go into deeper debt.

1 comment:

Rekaya Gibson said...

I can offer an one-hour grant search or a grant proposal evaluation. I need an e-book cover designed. Please contact me at, put "Book Cover Design" in subject line.
Thank you.

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