Monday, May 18, 2009

BOOK INTRO: In the Midst of a Storm

In the Midst of a Storm is the first of series about love and life storms that occur in the small town of Greensboro , Alabama. The citizens coexist beautifully Monday thru Saturday, but everyone prefers to attend church with their respective races on Sunday mornings. No one thought it was a problem. It had always been that way. However, their preferences soon reveal their prejudices when an innovative blond haired blue eyed new comer, Reverend Michael Green moves to town, falls in love with a prominent member in the African American community, and attempts to form a church where everyone is welcomed.

Nicole C. Schroeder: I live in North Alabama with my amazing husband and our precious little one. When I am not attending Mommy and Me classes, running errands, and spending time with my best friend/husband, I am working on my latest novel. I recently woke up at 2:00a.m., grabbed my laptop, and started typing because I had an idea. I'm not obsessed, just passionate.

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