Thursday, May 07, 2009

Let’s talk about E-books

This month our theme is Book Readers. We here at SORMAG appreciate book readers. Without you there is no SORMAG.

We invite you to stop by tomorrow as we kick off a month long Reader’s Appreciation celebration. Each Friday we will have a prize for a lucky winner and do some fun stuff for our readers.

Let’s talk about E-books

Have you joined the Kindle set?

When did you get your Kindle and what do you like about it?

If you haven’t gone to the other side, what’s stopping you from buying your Kindle?

What do you like about E-books vs the printed book?

What was your first E-book?

What E-book would you recommend?


PatriciaW said...

I like e-books but I don't read very many of them. I don't own a Kindle, or any e-book reader, and don't foresee buying one any time soon. I do, however, read book downloads in .pdf format online from time to time.

E-books will never replace printed books for me because I enjoy the book covers and the feel of the book in my hands, but I'm not "anti" e-books. I believe there's a market for every conceivable distribution method.

Beverly said...

I have a Kindle 2 and love it!

Kindle feels like reading a book - as has been stated in articles - it is not "sexy" like the iPhone & iTouch, but I think that was done so it feels like a book. The features I like the most: can increase text size (for my old eyes), wireless, long battery life before it needs to be recharged, saving tree, and I do not have to make a choice which books to take with me (they are all there).

In fact a lot of my decisions on whether I will purchase a book is if it is available in the Kindle format.

I can tell you my least favorite format is to download a PDF. I have tried this twice and just do not like reading the books on the computer (desktop or laptop). (and since I do not go into an "office" anymore - I am not printing off the pages.

But - these are my choices and with all of the different formats - there are several for everyone.

Rae Lori said...

I love e-books. :-)

I haven't gotten a Kindle or Sony Reader because I don't really like drm-ed books strictly made for those readers. I read e-books on my Blackberry instead which is fabulous because it's become an all purpose device for me.

I love that I can store a bunch of books on my phone and just go down the line reading each one. Plus the fact that I can make the font larger or smaller if I want. Somehow I read faster on my phone than in print!

My first e-book. Hmmm. It would probably be the ones my former partner and I made available through our company. We had a fabulous group of writers and I enjoyed taking a peak as the stories that came into the house.

There's lots of E-books I would definitely recommend but I don't want to write an essay lol. Small plug, my book A Kiss of Ashen Twilight is out in e-format at the moment so I would definitely suggest that one if you like paranormals. I'm currently reading Nitanni Chionne's Activity Partner and I'm really enjoying the story so far. I would recommend it for all those folks out there looking for a sweet love story. :-)

Ty said...

I love the concept of e-books, but I don't like reading them on the computer. One of these days I will purchase a Kindle. I think that will really change the way I read. I will always keep hard copies of my favorite authors and books. Most books I don't really need to keep on the shelf. Not enough room for them anyway! :)

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