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All The Way
Kimberley White

Publisher: Dafina
ISBN-13: 978-0758222091

4 1/2 Stars - EXCEPTIONAL
Reviewed by: Regina Hightower

This book was filled with action from the beginning to the end! I did not to put it down until I got to the end. I just had to find out the outcome for Payton and her adorable hero Adriano.

As the story goes Adriano Norwood was sitting in his news van minding his own business when Payton Vaughn jumps in demanding that he drive. Adriano is a gorgeous reporter and playboy in Charlotte on assignment. Never in a million years did he think he would end up in the mist of a mafia mess involving the most notorious family in Charlotte.

Payton is the only witness to her employer ordering a hit on someone. She is placed in protective custody, but flees because her employer's people are coming for her. Payton and Adriano end up on an outrageous and dangerous adventure. Somewhere between dodging bullets and high speed chases, they fall in love.

Ms. White keeps you on the edge of your seat with this one wondering what is gonna happen next and what would you do if this was you.

Tempting the Mogul
Marcia King- Gamble

Publisher: Kimani
ISBN-13: 978-0373860937

3 Stars - VERY GOOD
Reviewed by: Regina Hightower

Where is the chemistry between Salim and Kennedy? The author wrote that Kennedy was falling for Salim and Salim was falling for Kennedy, it felt more like a statement of fact rather than an emotion or a budding desire. My response was really how can you tell. Salim was mysterious and brooding, but he was not described as hot and sexy. Kennedy was strong and orderly, but as dull as the beige color in her apartment.

The love scenes were written functionally and lacked emotion. Their relationship came off more like a business deal that someone was trying to negotiate with or without fringe benefits instead of a budding romance. I just didn't feel it, but I kept reading it waiting for the excitement.

I don't want to say the story was boring, but it was hard to stay focused. They were just words on a page. The characters are definitely forgettable and so is the story. I give it 3 stars for being well written and structually correct.

Savannah J. Frierson

Interracial Romance Fiction
LULU Publishing
2008ISBN: 978-1-4357-5329-7

Rating: 4 Stars - EXCELLENT
Reviewed by: Dianthia R. Lemons

Tyler Carver is a beautiful full-figured sister who knows that she needs a little assistance in the physical fitness department. A beautiful woman in her own right, she has decided to work on the outer package with the help of her friend Damon. Gunnar Daniels is the owner of the gym where Tyler has come for training assistance from Damon. Poor Damon is sick and Gunnar has to step in for him but brings a bad attitude to the first session. What Gunnar gets is a taste of sister tude when you present yourself in the wrong manner. Little does Tyler realize the effect she has on Gunnar because she is too caught up in her attraction to him.

The book takes us on a wonderful look into people who look at the inside of a person rather than the outside. Tyler is concerned that she is developing feelings for a man of another race but can't deny her attraction. Gunnar Daniels is amazed that he can see so much in Tyler and is totally taken away from the tall blonde; he wasn't happy with the warm chocolate who has totally entrapped his heart. Gunnar helps Tyler not only learn a healthier lifestyle; he helps her see the beauty inside herself. Both characters have demons they have to facade from the past but the inside beauty radiates to the outside and they find love within themselves.

Savannah did a wonder job with the story and lets you go through the insecurities of the full-figured woman. The things she feels and the traps she will fall into because of the stigma attached with being bigger than a size 9. She also allows you to see the insecurities of a man who is attracted to a woman who is outside his race and taste if you would call it. When Gunnar stepped outside his usual comfort zone, he found the love of his life. How many of us can say that we are willing to step outside of what is politically correct and find true happiness.


Love T.K.O.
Pamela Yaye

Publisher: Kimani
ISBN-13: 978-0373860913

5 stars - SUPREME
Reviewed by: Regina Hightower

Well they say opposite attract and in this case they are right. Pam has paired Yasmin Ohaji & Rashawn Bishop. She is a marriage counselor and he is a boxer.

Yasmine is a beautiful woman, any man’s fantasy, is a marriage counselor too busy to find time and happiness for her self. With the help of her sister she set her up on a blind date with Cecil Manning. Cecil is a up and coming politician who through out the entire dinner only talks about himself and what other can do for him.

They both have some bumps in the road alone the way, ex-girlfriend, and ex-fiancé. Rashawn's ex wants to come back only he is ready to move on with Yasmine. Yasmin, is feeling guilty about her ex's death. Once she tells Rashawn what has happened to her ex he begins to understand and from that moment on Yasmine know's that Rashawn is in her corner and she is there for him as well. All is not well but in the end they will come together and I will tell you Ms Yaye did an excellent job writing about these two opposite attract because in their case it works and works well.


Sinful Too
by Victor McGlothin

Grand Central Publishing
October 2008
Language: English
ISBN-10: 044617811X
ISBN-13: 978-0446178112

Reviewed by: Shelia M. Goss

Victor McGlothin is back with another page-turner – “Sinful Too.” Only one word could describe Dior Wicker and its “trifling.” She will do anything to get what she wants regardless of the consequences. Dior’s twin brother begs her to change her ways, but she refuses to listen and continues to wreck havoc in other people’s lives.

When Dior world collides with Pastor Richard Allamay, trouble is not far behind. Richard’s inner spirit struggles with desires of lust and with the desire to be faithful to his wife. The decisions Dior and Richard make will forever alter their lives.

Nadeen, Richard’s wife, knows that being the First Lady comes with a price. A price she’s been willing to pay due to her love for Richard. A previous indiscretion on Richard’s part has her doubting herself in many areas. She struggles with insecurities verses the truth.

What happens during the course of the story will not only affect Richard and Nadeen, but the lives of their children.

Sinful Too has the perfect formula for an entertaining read – unforgettable characters and scenes filled with drama. McGlothin has delivered one drama-packed novel that will keep book clubs talking long after they close the book.


The Last Nights Kiss
Shirley Hailstock

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
Publishing Date : September 2008
ISBN: 9780758213525

5 Stars - SUPREME
Reviewer: Regina Hightower

Ms. Hailstock! Thank you. Words will never be able to express how much I loved this series about the Clayton Family.

Last Night's Kiss is a sweet and special ending for Rosa and her family.

You gave us a chance to get to know more about Rosa and watch her romance with Adam grow. She meets Adam Osborne an ex-reporter who is friends with Davida and he instantly assumes Rosa is a diva and too beautiful. They bump heads on every hand and turn until he finally realizes that she is beautiful inside and out. Soon he finds he can't fight his feelings anymore for her and love blooms for the two with a happy ending. The other characters in the book , Vida, Mr. Bailey, Medea, and Joel, kept me going until the end. Having her brothers, Owen and Dean, drop by was a nice touch. Rosa let her man find her as the bible says ( Adam) She was able to let someone in her life and heart again.

Sex and the Single Braddock
Robyn Amos

Kimani Romance
Harlequin Books S.A.

Sept 2008
Mainstream Fiction

Rating 4 stars-EXCELLENT
Reviewed by Michelle Alexander

Shronda Braddock knew her father's death was no accident, and she takes a job at the company that seems to be the missing link to the puzzle. She eventually becomes involved in an interracial affair with her boss Conner Stewart who is known to be one of the playboy's of Houston elite. When Connor finds out the truth about Shronda from her brothers he is upset but not before realizing his feelings for her. But both must deal with threats and and secrets they both hide from each other that could destroy their love. Well written, characters are interesting and non stereotypical. Intimate scenes are well handled and tasteful. Readers will want to read the entire series.

Suite Temptation
Anita Bunkley

Kimani Romance
Kimani Press
Sept 2008
Mainstream Fiction

Rating 5 Stars-SUPREME
Reviewed by Michelle Alexander

Fans of Anita Bunkley will not be disappointed by her more contemporary works. Riana Cole finds that her college lover and study partner, Andre Preaux, wants to continue their relationship. But driven for her need for success, she ended the relationship and now needs him to seal a major business deal. Andre, let Riana go without a fight, but when she comes to him with a deal that he can’t afford to pass, he now has to win Riana’s trust, clean up his troubled past and handle, the FBI, murder and intrigue in Jamaica all at the same time.

Titus Pollard

ISBN: 1-60162-969-9

Published: September 2008

Book Rating: 3 Stars - VERY GOOD
Book reviewed by: Camellia Varnado

Living Right on Wrong Street was good. Author, Titus Pollard was able to show how some men hold their feelings inside causing inner turmoil. Inner turmoil over time will result in bad choices.

Job Wright had a problem of believing that God could handle anything he had going on in life. Job thought his talent got him success. Monica, Job’s wife held his past before him which caused the division in their marriage. Fontella and Larry were the two well grounded friends that Job and Monica needed in their life. This novel shows how miscommunication, lack of trust and faith in God is a formula for divorce and temptation.

I enjoyed the road to redemption that Job went on to find God. I enjoyed how Monica proved she really had Job’s back in their marriage, career and life. I loved the fight in Monica and Job. I think marriages need to have the fight in order to stay married and love it.

Fair-Weather Friends
ReShonda Tate Billingsley

Young Adult
A Division of Simon & Schuster
ISBN-13: 978-1-4165-5876-7
ISBN-10: 1-4165-5876-4
Published: September 2008

Rating: 4 Stars EXCELLENT
Reviewed by: Ammie Brooks – Age 14

This was a good book about four girls who applied for a sorority, but when one of the girls was rejected, their friendship was at risk. When they realized the reason she was rejected, it caused the other three girls to decide whether to stick with their friend or to join the sorority. This was an excellent book on teen friendship and I encourage all teenage girls to read it.

Beacon Hills High
Monique & Sherri McGee McCovey

Young Adult
A Division of Harper Collins
ISBN: 978-0-06-112106-7
Published: 2008

Rating: 3 ½ Stars – GREAT
Reviewed by: Ammie Brooks – Age 14

This book is about Eboni who was just accepted into Millwood High School, the hardest school to get into in Baltimore. In the midst of her excitement, her Dad is relocated to Los Angeles, California. It takes awhile for Eboni to fit in at her new school. Eventually she meets friends and they encourage her to run for school President, but she finds out opposition was her true enemy – Maya. The book left us hanging with many unfinished questions at the end:

Did Eboni win the election?
Did Eboni’s friends ever settle things back home?
Did Eboni win G over?
Hopefully a sequel to this book is coming soon with much needed answers.

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