Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DISCUSSION: Have you jumped aboard the Kindle Ship?

The Kindle is the newest toy for avid readers. Some either like it or loathe it. How do you feel about the Kindle? Share your opinion.

Authors: How are your kindle sells? Are you introduced to new readers because of them?


Anonymous said...

I've been seriously considering jumping onboard the Kindle train. I have a novel I self-published in 2006 and think it might find new life on one of the e-readers. I'm investigating the idea and would like to hear other comments. Remember, I said my book was published in 2006 and no longer carried on
Thank you.

LaShaunda said...

Sony has unveiled their new wireless reader for $399.

The Sony Reader Daily Edition has a touch-sensitive screen and access to books from a range of sources, including libraries.

LaShaunda said...

I would love a reader, but right now it's not in the budget. Now if someone wants to give me one as a gift I'd be more than happy to accept it.

I do believe that ebooks will be big. It just a matter of time before they can figure out how to restrict you from sending it to someone else, since we love to share our books.

Lynne said...

I at first thought that I would never be interested in a Kindle as I love the feel of a real book in my hands but now I see that there is a new value to the Kindle as you can get a book you want to read almost instantly and have access to books that are not available elsewhere. I plan to save up for one in the near future and hoping they come down in price soon.

Shawneda Marks said...

I'm definitely getting an e-reader but decided against the kindle. I'm going to get a sony option and am doing a read green contest for my novel It's in My Blood the details of that contest will be uploaded to my website in December

'Cilla said...

I want to get a kindle.. I love the feel of opening a book and that love will never go away. But as I look around my house, there are no more available space. I do believe that books taht I plan to keep forever, I will continue to purchase

From Tia's Pen said...

I haven't jumped to the Kindle Ship yet. Two of my author mentors have and they LOVE it. I don't's something about holding an actual book in my hands.

And I love having an actually library collection.

But keep in mind, I'm also the person who held on to my cassette tapes as long as possible before going to CDS...and you should've seen my VHS tapes before I jumped ship to DVDs! ha!!!!

Ladysilver said...

maybe someone will be nice and get me a Kindle. Since I can not see that as a gift we can afford now, I guess it is a dream.

Now when I do get the chance it is Kindle over Sony because my understanding is that in order to download to a Sony reader you have to connect to the internet.

Makasha Dorsey said...

I haven't decided between the Kindle and the Sony Reader. But, I plan to have one of them by the end of the year.

Angela Benson said...

I bought the Kindle 1 out of my own pocket and then got the Kindle 2 through work. I really love it.

I blogged about my Kindle 2 here:

I gave my Kindle 1 to my brother and he loves it.

I don't think ebook readers are at the point where they're a challenge to print books yet. I'm not sure if they ever will be.

Anonymous said...

No. I haven't because as so many have said; I love the feel of a hard back book in my hands and I also love the book covers.

Yet; as Cilla says, there is very little bookshelf space left in my home so I may have to come onboard soon.

Let's see if I get one for Christmas or my birthday. LOL


Shelia E. Lipsey said...

Urban Christian books aren't available on Kindle yet; but I've heard that we may be shortly. But thus far, the Kindle doesn't feel like I'm reading a real, tangible book. There's something about the feel of the book in your hand that connects me with the story more than an ebook. But who knows, maybe one day I'll get the Kindle fever,especially if my pubisher decides to make my books available through Kindle.

Deltareviewer said...

I have jumped on board yet but really want to...its just that my pocketbook won't let me. Hopefully, my hubby will get me one for Christmas.

Author, Deborah J. Copeland said...

Nah, an electronic book doesn't appeal to me. I like to cuddle with a book nice and cozy in the sunroom. I especially love the way books feel AND smell. Don't you just love the aroma of libraries and book stores? I know I do! =)
Some things just absolutely can't be replaced---the wonderful feeling of a book in your hands. =)

Tee C. Royal said...

I haven't jumped on the Kindle ship, but I did buy the first two models of the Sony Reader. For me, it fits my needs more than the Kindle because I use it for reviewing manuscripts and review books more than reading ebooks per se.

Now that the Kindle is more comparable to the Sony Reader in price, I thought about it, but it seemed an unnecessary expense...since I aready have the Sony Reader.

But, if I received one as a gift, I'd try it out. Some of the prices of eBooks concern me. Why pay such a high price when I can have the actual book for a few more dollars?


Evelyn Palfrey said...

I don't have an e-reader yet. Like many, I'm wedded to the feel of a book in my hand. But, I do believe that e-books are the future. E-books make too much economic and environmental sense for that not to happen. Even dinosaurs like me will be dragged into it. It was only 10 years or so ago when a cell phone was a big clunky thing that only a few people had. Now everybody has one. It's just a matter of time before the industry figures out a workable business model.

Ty said...

I'm like a few others, I haven't decided between the Kindle or Sony Reader yet. Leaning more towards the Sony now that they are offering wireless. It just looks more like a book.

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