Monday, August 24, 2009

WORKSHOP: Building An Author's Platform

Building an Author Platform
by Cheryl Donavan

Intro to workshop

What is your platform? Well, if you don't know the answer to this questions this workshop will help you to identify not only your platform but ways in which to build it.

Every author needs a platform Building it takes time, but in the long run it pays off. Why, because many editors, publishers, and readers look for the author's platform first.

This platform is the author's reputation and public visibility; their ability, willingness, and experience to promote themselves in the marketplace.Building a platform is crucial not only for selling a book, but in building a professional career as an , entrepreneur, public speaker, trainer, workshop leader, or corporate spokesperson. The networks you build, when done correctly, can assure your book(s) long shelf life and back list life as well.

The information in the workshop will help you establish the foundation for your platform. Build on it regularly and watch your career soar.

Are you writing or have you written a book?

If your response is yes, then you need a platform.

You platform includes but is not limited to all of the following, your way of attracting readers, the people who follow you currently, your expertise, and your skills related to your topic. Your author platform is your way of becoming visible and known in your field or genre.

It is important to note that you should start building your platform well before you book is published, But, if you haven’t no worries. Just understand that you have a lot of work ahead of you.

So, how do your build your author platform? Well, there are many things you can do, but in this lesson, we’ve listed some of the most successful ways to get your name in people’s mouths. This lesson is interactive so you will also be provided with questions as you go to help you develop your platform

1.) Build promotion into your book. Set your book in a location that is interesting. (i.e. New York, New Orleans) Involve your characters in current issues. (i.e. domestic violence, gang activity, teen pregnancy, etc)

a. Is my book set in an interesting location?

b. Does my book cover any current issues?

c. Current issues covered

1. _____________________
2. _____________________
3. _____________________

2.) Establish a website: You can do this yourself or you can hire someone to do it for you. Nevertheless, make sure you include the basics such as your book cover, book synopsis, a book excerpt, your bio and a picture of you for starters.

a. What will the name of my website be, my name or the Books Title?

b. What will my website look like?

c. What type of content will I post to my website?

d. Will I link to other sites to drive traffic to my site?

3.) Develop your public speaking skills

4.) Establish a blog

a. What will my blog look like

b. What type of content will I post to my blog

c. Will I allow others to post content related to my subject matter?

d. Will I host blog tours?

5.) Create one or more speaking topics or events related to your book

a. Potential titles of speaking topics

b. Events

6.) Get involved in appropriate social networking groups and organizations

a. Social networking organizations

i. Ning

ii. Connect Platform

iii. MySpace

iv. Facebook

b. Online groups

i. Yahoo

ii. Social Service

iii. Professional

c. Local groups/organizations

i. Professional

ii. Social Service

iii. Social

7.) Write articles on your topic or stories in your genre

a. Possible titles for articles related to my book

i. _____________________________

ii. _____________________________

iii. _____________________________

iv. _____________________________

8.) Establish a newsletter

a. What will I name the Newsletter?

b. What types of content will I use?

c. How often will I send out the newsletter?

d. What service will I use to produce the newsletter?

e. Will readers have to subscribe?


Baraka Truss said...

Loved this segment!!! This was just the type of information I needed!!

maxxgrl said...

Writing is not only a pleasure, but it's a business, too. Thanks for the info. great help to keep in mind--- right now one step at a time for me. I guess, I'll make blogging my starting point. Thank you so much!

Shawneda Marks said...

I love this segment...very encouraging and informative.

Linda Beed said...

Great information Cheryl, thanks.


Duchessdon said...

Thank you so much for being so receptive. To the information. These are things I have learned along the way. Glad it was so helpful.

Angela Breidenbach said...

I loved this, thank you. It really encouraged me because I have done quite a bit already, yay, and could check mark it off. BUT your workshop also pointed out those things that are lacking. And there are a few things that need some real work.

I'm so glad I "attended" today!

Susan Falck said...

I've heard many talk about a platform but had no idea how to create one. Thanks for giving me a clue.

Melissa said...

Thanks so much for presenting the information interactively. I copied the form like questions into a Word document so I will be able to access it again. That was very helpful!


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