Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Purposely Said – Dr. Linda F. Beed

It’s a Family Affair

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of taking my granddaughter to the premiere of The Princess and the Frog.
I must be honest when I say that I have never been a big fan of animated movies. Honesty compels me to admit that I had reservations regarding how this storyline would be presented. With complete candor I must admit that it was an extremely enjoyable movie.

My perspective of the movie comes from two places. The first being that place of protection regarding what my granddaughter would be exposed to. The fact that the setting was one that many children and parents could identify with put me totally at ease.

My second view comes from that as a writer. From beginning to end the setting, storyline and developed characters leads the viewing audience to an unexpected, but well-received and feasible end to a fairytale.

Why am I bringing up this movie? I brought it up because of the family and moral value in it. Consistently little Tiana is taught the value of hard work and believing in her dreams. Other pearls of wisdom come from of the most unexpected places and causes young and old to ponder the depth of expertly dispensed words.

Like most animated movies there are products for the children to place on their ‘must have’ lists. Whether it be books from this movie or others, I encourage you to seek books that align with the values you want your children to embrace. Make reading a family affair. Take the time to read with them and discuss what has been read. Their views may not be what you expect, but when you allow them their thoughts, it shows that you respect them.

Until next time, remember—Purposely Said words can destroy or create a life. Linda!

Dr. Linda Beed is an educator, speaker, children’s minister and award winning author of Business Unusual.

You can find her on the web at:

http://www.lindabeed.com/ / MySpace / On Assignment Reviews / BWChristianLit

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