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BLOG TOUR: Beautiful Ugly

Win an autographed copy of Beautiful Ugly by Shelia Lipsey

Envy Wilson has dark secrets she won’t share with anyone. Now they are starting to eat away at her from the inside.

Take a Peek Inside Envy’s Story
(excerpt from Beautiful Ugly Shelia Lipsey)

Envy balled her hands into fists and pounded the sides of them against the steering wheel until they turned cherry red.

“I can’t get up for going down. I can’t take a step forward without taking ten steps backward. I look at other people, including my sister and I just don’t understand. She has a beautiful home, a great job,” with emphasis she added, “and a husband with a good job who simply adores her. But look at me. Here I am still struggling, still groveling, still wishing and hoping that things were right in my life. So what if I make good money. Where has it gotten me? I have no man, no real life. So tell me, what’s the difference in me and Nikkei? It has to be my name. Envy, let’s see if I can remember what the dictionary has to say about it, as if you don’t already know.”

Envy’s anger toward God mounted with each word that spewed from her mouth. “Ahh,” she spoke out, her words laced with venom. “Envy, the verb form, means to feel envy toward or on account of,” she said from memory, having read the definition numerous times. “Surely that’s not me. Maybe it’s the other definition. You know, God, I’m talking about envy, the noun, painful or resentful awareness of another's advantages. Ah, ha, now maybe that’s me. But why should I be condemned for being resentful and in pain? I don’t understand why you don’t allow me to have one good opportunity, a real chance at having good things happen in my life. Everything that’s good flies right pass me and into somebody else’s lap.

Dang, even Kacie has it better than I do and she has six children tugging at her twenty-four seven. She may work a little part-time job, but she still seems to live better than me and I don’t have not one little crumb snatcher. I guess I should be fake, like Kacie, before you show me some love. I don’t know what you want.

And Layla? Well, Layla is Layla. She loves you, I do know that. But you don’t act like you want to give her a break either. Seems like she doesn’t realize the game you’re playing with her. What is it with you, God? ” Envy suddenly ended her conversation with God just as quickly as she’d started it. She opened the car door, got out and slammed it hard behind her.

She raised her hands in surrender and bolted off. “I don’t know why I even bother talking to you,” she hollered at the sky before rushing up the walkway leading to her front door just as the first big drops of rain began to fall – down upon her head.

What Do You Think?

Envy releases her frustration. “I can’t take a step forward without taking ten steps backward.” Do you ever feel that way sometimes? Tell us and DON’T FORGET to leave an answer for the contest question too.

To find out more about Envy and her two friends, consider purchasing a copy of Beautiful Ugly. This book makes a great book club selection for discussion!

Win an autographed copy of Beautiful Ugly

Shelia Lipsey is the author of three other Christian Fiction novels. The trivia questions below are from one of those novels. Leave your response to the trivia question below in the comment section.

What was the relationship between Frankie and Rena? Tell us the title of the book.
Leave your response to the trivia question below in the comment section.

About the Author

Author Shelia E. Lipsey is a multi-award winning author. Her novels are available at most bookstores nationwide as well as online. Lipsey’s books have been called gripping, life-altering, memorable and realistic. Lipsey was recently awarded the 2009 Top Shelf Award for Beautiful Ugly by Black Pearls Magazine. She also won 2009 Shades of Romance Readers’ Choice Awards for My Son’s Wife in the following categories: Author of the Year, Christian fiction Book of the Year, Christian Romance of the Year, Best Book Cover of the Year, Best Fiction Book of the Year, among several other awards for her novels, Into Each Life and Sinsatiable.
Lipsey is the proud mother of two sons and the grandmother of three blessed young men. She is president of, founder of Living Your Dreams Now a non-profit organization and MAAW (Memphis African American Writers). For more information, visit

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Shelia E. Lipsey said...

Hello SORMAG, thank you for hosting me on my blog tour for Beautiful Ugly. I will check in throughout the day to chat with the visitors and readers! It's going to be a great day.

Shelia E. Lipsey said...

LaShaunda, thank you for hosting me on SORMAG today. Your support is tremendously appreciated. I pray that you have a prosperous 2010 at SORMAG

LaShaunda said...

Hi Shelia,

It is always a pleasure to host you on SORMAG. I pray for a prosperous 2010 for you too.

vanessa richardson said...

Hi LaShaunda and Sheila!

I certainly enjoyed Beautiful Ugly. For some reason, I can not get this title out of my head... "Sinsationable."


enyl said...

Frankie and Rena are best friends. The book is entitled My Son's Wife.

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