Friday, April 02, 2010

SORMAG's INSPIRATION - April: Donna Hill

Donna Hill is the Essence bestselling author of Divas, Inc., In My Bedroom and If I Could. She is a public relations associate for the Queens Borough Public Library and lives with her family in Brooklyn, New York. Visit her website at

Longing and Lies
by Donna Hill

With her sensual looks and free-spirited ways, Ashley Temple is the perfect agent for The Ladies Cartel, a secret crime-fighting organization. But her latest assignment—breaking up an illegal baby trafficking ring—is more than a job. It's personal. The stakes go sky-high when she teams up with FBI operative Elliot Morgan, a man so deep under cover he's off the radar.

Life in the field is nothing compared to the adrenaline rush of passion and pleasure Elliot feels with Ashley. And when they pose as a happily married couple to stake out a suspicious adoption center, he knows he's in deeper than he's ever been. He can't risk falling for her—the danger's too great. But how can Elliot let Ashley go, when this sweet, sultry lady takes him beyond the point of no return?

Thank you Donna for helping inspire SORMAG's creation.

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Missy said...

LaShaunda thanks so much for showcases one of my favorite authors. Hi Donna - thanks so much for all the characters you have introduced me to over the years...


LaShaunda said...

You are most welcome Cookie. I've always enjoyed Donna's books. It's an honor to be able to thank her for many hours of good reading.

Donna said...

Wow! First and foremost thank you LaShanda for even including me. I was completely surprised and very humbled. The thanks certainly goes to YOU for the incredible amount of love and work that you put into SorMag and your unwavering support of authors,books and literacy. Congrats on ten amazing years. Wishing you many more. This year is an anniversary for me also. Twenty and counting!!! Thank you for helping to make that possible

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