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BLOG TOUR: “Chameleon” by JA Adams

JA Adams, author of three psychological suspense novels, uses personal and professional experiences to bring awareness to psychological issues that affect our relationships.

For 30 years, Adams has worked with traumatized victims of violence and crime. Adams’ experience, paired with her writings, allude to healing the spirit and soul of victims.

Adams currently resides outside of Austin, Texas. She continues to write and volunteers with numerous organization bringing awareness to teen dating violence and women issues, as well as, advocating against intimate partner and family violence. Such organizations include the Ortralla Foundation and Recovery Ministry at Gateway Church. Moreover, she regularly speaks and mentors women using her life as proof that one can love again after trauma.

What sparked your interest in writing?

I have always wanted to be a writer. I started writing stories and poetry at the age of seven. Then sometime that year my poetry was published in an anthology of collections of student writings in my school district. It was exciting to see my name in print with my poems just like a real writer.

Your work has a deeper underlying message in regards to domestic violence awareness. Please share your motivation behind presenting this important information through fiction writing.

In my working with victims and survivors, I have discovered that a person is more likely to pick up a fiction book that addresses an issue similar to what they are dealing with than a self-help book. Especially if the victim is still living with or is under the influence of the abuser.

Why do you believe it is important to share these concerns in your work?

In my professional and volunteer work, I encounter a lot of people and teens dealing with these issues. Males and females that abuse others when they are young will continue to abuse throughout their life unless there is intervention. The younger the abuser is when intervention begins, the greater chance of successful intervention. Also, the longer the abuse continues, the worse it gets sometimes ending in death. In addition, the longer the abuser is allowed to get away with abusing others, the bolder and more sadistic/dangerous the abuse they dish out becomes. I want readers to learn through my characters’ mistakes as well as their courage so they may make needed changes for their own well being and/or safety.

How do you keep your books relevant to readers?

I write about human interest issues through fiction that cross age, gender, race, and ethnicity.

Tell us about Chameleon.

When dreams turn into nightmares, spur of the moment decisions test the silent codes of family honor. Diane Darhling, beautiful, scholarly, and heir to a multi-million dollar fortune, finds herself caught in a triangular web of love gone seriously wrong. Two men, Jimmy and Jerrell, whose polarized unrelenting desire to have her is felt to the depths of the soul. One loves unconditionally. The other, a suave psychopath. Reading like a backdrop story from headline news, a twisted plan, forged in pathological and psychotic manipulation, is plotted by the Chameleon.

What made you decide to write Chameleon?

Through writing, I have been able to reach many more individuals than by working for an agency.

What lesson do you want readers to walk away with?

Regardless to how bad it gets, you can lean on your faith to make it through and come out on the other side a whole person. And I hope that my books will invoke discussion about the lines and boundaries surrounding our most intimate relationships.

What’s next?

I have a short story appearing in Coffee Confessions, an anthology releasing in May 2010. I am also working on 2 projects, Pineview’s Secret, a fiction novel that addresses the issue of human trafficking and teenage prostitution and a self-help dating guide for young women entitled Frog or Prince to accompany a workshop I do on teen and college dating violence. And, for the record, I was working on the Frog or Prince project long before Disney launched theirs.

How can readers reach you?

I can be reached via my website or they can post a comment on my Facebook Fan Page I also have an author’s profile on SIR Authors at

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