Thursday, April 22, 2010

BOOK INTRO: Empowered For Purpose From Pain To Promise

Empowered For Purpose From Pain To Promise
By Shereeda L. Bowers


Inside the gifted pages of written words in From Pain to Promise, you will travel along the journey as Author, Shereeda L. Bowers reveals her soul's thoughts about love, pain, society and purpose. From Pain to Purpose is a powerful testimony of endurance, victory, triumph and faith even during some of the most tumultuous times of life.


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To be empowered by purpose!

Was the purpose that gave me power!

Empowered to laugh rather than scream.

Empowered to cry and continue to dream.

The cries that showered over power,

Covered the pain that made me wise.

Like the wood, of a sunken ship out in the vast of the sea,

Were the flames of life's afflictions that continued to haunt me.

Out of the depths of my ashes

I purposed to elevate my mind.

Empowered on the inside, like "Maya Angelou, Still I Rise!"

Empowered to conquer strongholds, to my name, they held their claims.

Enjoying the liberty of being free, from all that was common to me.

Experiencing the fear of being hurt again.

I became acquainted with hurt's pain.

Defending myself endlessly,

not knowing if I could change.

Locked up in my mind was all the evil on the outside.

Cutting the flow of blood from my heart,

made it even harder for me to cry.

"No Woman, No Cry" were Bob Marley's greatest words,

the feelings of being outcast were feelings I didn't deserve.

Empowered by the hate of memories

I couldn't come to escape.

Taking heed to all the days that I had to meditate.

I became empowered by my purpose

From my purpose, free from the pain.

From my pain I saw the promise,

believing in my promise I became,

Empowered to know me again,

for the purpose of making a change.

Leaving my pain in the hurts of my past,

grasping hold of the promise that lies ahead,

and claiming the joy I never had.

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