Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Defeating the Slushpile Monster

Defeating the Slushpile Monster
Encouraging Words for Wannabe Writers
Authored by Cindy A Matthews

According to a recent National Education Association's Reading at Risk study, 15 million Americans have attempted some kind of creative writing. Very few of these writers have had their work successfully published.

Are you one of them? Want to improve your chances?

Defeating the Slushpile Monster is a funny guide for serious writers. It will make you laugh while you improve your manuscript's chances of surviving the arduous submission process. Find out how Only You Can Prevent Formatting Follies, and how to avoid those Prose Pile-Ups on Publication Road. After all, every writer longs for a happily ever after ending, right?

Bonus: Included in this edition, Straight Answers to Tough Writing Questions.

About the author:

Cindy A. Matthews is married to dashing historical and romantic novelist A.J. Matthews. Her non-fiction articles and inspirational essays have appeared in over forty publications. She has worked as a manuscript evaluator, book reviewer and copy editor. More information about her editorial services and non-fiction and children's works can be found at:

Cindy writes fiction under two pen names. Cynthianna enjoys writing light-hearted, contemporary and fantasy romantic fiction. Celine Chatillon writes sf/paranormal, contemporary and humorous erotic-romances.

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