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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Covenant of Lies: the Revealed Truth

Covenant of Lies the Revealed Truth

By Holly Spence

Monarch Publications

ISBN-10: 0578065819

ISBN-13: 978-0578065816

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The drama, lies, deceit, and hidden secrets are revealed in this second release of the Covenant of Lies trilogy. Continue to follow the lives of the McFinley, Richardson and Taylor families. What will become of Jill and Shane's budding relationship? Will the long time relationship between Henry and Carl survive the years of deceit and lies? Will Marcie's relationship with her father be the final straw for Selma? "Covenant of Lies The Revealed Truth" is the second book in the "Covenant of Lies" series of self created web of lies by Author Holly Spence.


Courtney wakes up, her head is pounding and blood is all over her lab coat. She does not know how long she has been out, but she remembers being knocked out by Calvin Taylor. She looks at Selma's bed and she is still sleep. Selma was administered a heavy dose of Percocet to help her sleep through the night as comfortable as possible. Courtney then began to look around for Marcie, calling her by name, but unable to move swiftly. Water in the bathroom is running. Courtney managed to get to her knees and use the couch to get to her feet. When Courtney opened the bathroom door, Marcie was in the shallow shower with water running, bruises on her arms and legs. Her shirt was around her neck; her bra ripped off, her pants and underwear, all at her ankles.

"Oh God!!! Marcie!" Marcie doesn't reply nor does she move. Courtney turns off the water, runs outside for help. The officer was getting up off the floor the same time Courtney was coming out of Selma's hospital room. "Sir, are you ok? I will have someone come by to look at you, don't get up stay seated."

Courtney made her way to the nurse's station, the nurse looked up, "Oh Courtney, what in the world happened?" said the nurse.

"I was attacked by Calvin Taylor, Selma Taylor's husband, please call hospital security and have them dispatch the police. I need to call down regarding my shift, I was supposed to report to work, what time is it?" Courtney sees the clock, "Oh no, I have been out for over 30 minutes? I also need someone to look at the officer outside Mrs. Taylor's room and I need help getting Marcie Taylor to emergency for examination."

The sixth floor nurse scrambles to meet the request and makes the necessary calls. A second nurse joins Courtney to check out the officer. Courtney heads back down to Marcie with a gown and blankets in hand to cover Marcie. When Courtney gets back to the room, the nurse behind her tends to the officer to identify his injuries. Courtney opens the door. Marcie is still in the bathroom lying in the shower.

"Marcie, I am going to take you to emergency to have you examined." Marcie was still unresponsive. "Marcie, let me help you up, I have a gown for you to put on." Marcie allowed Courtney to help her up, remove her clothing and put the gown and blanket around her.

Just then, John Cartwright arrived from emergency, "Hey Court, I have a wheelchair."

"Thanks John, can you get me a plastic bag? I will need that for her clothes. Come on Marcie, let's get you into the wheelchair, we will get you cleaned up."

John comes back with the plastic bag, as Courtney is lifting Marcie; John places the plastic bag over the back of the wheel chair and proceeds to help Courtney get Marcie into the wheelchair. Just as John reaches out to Marcie, Marcie is like a wild boar, kicking and screaming. Marcie kicks John in his groin; she punches Courtney in her face. Courtney makes every effort to get Marcie to calm down, "John go out," shouted Courtney. When John left the bathroom, Marcie calmed down and Courtney was able to get her into the wheelchair.

During all of this commotion, Selma never woke up. Courtney wheeled Marcie to emergency and called ahead, "Hello this is Nurse Courtney Thomas, I am coming down from the sixth floor and I have a possible rape victim."

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