Thursday, October 07, 2010

Loved To Death Tour w/author Rosa Ferguson

Rosa Elmore Ferguson is the author of LOVED TO DEATH: A Different Kind of Love Story and LOVED TO DEATH: The Truth Unfolds. LOVED TO DEATH: The City Speaks will be out in early 2011.

Born Infant Sleigh, Mrs. Ferguson, and adoptee, has been searching for her biology for over forty years. Rosa uses her writing to release the frustration and anger caused by failed attempts to find out who she is and where she came from. The author would like her readers to have a better understanding of what can happen when they become a part of an unsuccessful adoption triad.

Mrs. Ferguson is the proud mother of two sets of twins and currently resides in Olive Branch, MS with her husband.

In LOVED TO DEATH: A Different Kind of Love Story and the sequel, LOVED TO DEATH: The Truth Unfolds readers are introduced to a fictional Gaston City, Indiana and will see it through the eyes of Morosa Denise McKinley. Morosa is the adopted daughter of Morrow and Rose McKinley. Adoption, love, murder and intrigue seem to rule the day with the underlying theme being the pitfalls of adoption and what happens when a person isn't allowed to know the truth about themselves. These are the first two books in the LOVED TO DEATH short story trilogy

Follow the author along her virtual blog tour and as she chats with readers about her books and the challenges she faces in finding her roots. Enter for a chance to win a copy of LOVED TO DEATH: A Different Kind of Love Story and LOVED TO DEATH: The Truth Unfolds courtesy of the author. The winner will be announced at the end of the tour. Please visit the author’s website at .

Now, let’s have a conversation with Rosa about her books and her quest to find her biology. Leave a comment and be a part of the conversation.

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LaShaunda said...


Thank you for stopping by SORMAG. I can't imagine how it feels to search for your parents, but I do know how it feels to search for a sister.

I found mine on facebook. Seeing her for the first time was like winning the lottery. I cried like a baby.

I pray you are successful in finding your parents and that it is a the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Rosa Elmore Ferguson said...


Oh how I wish I had a sister. You are so blessed to have found your family member! If I could find my birth mother, I may find that I have biological siblings!

Thank you for your well wishes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rosa. I read both books - really enjoyed them. I look forward to all your writing endeavors.

Sicily said...

Hello All. Rosa thanks for blessing us with the fruit of your mind. I really enjoy the characters. Very realistic dialogue!

Ernestine said...

We all love to read (that's why we're here) but we don't always have the time. So I gotta tell ya, sometimes it's nice to read books of this length. You took us on a journey without holding us hostage. Thanks Rosa

Tanya said...

Hi. Is there any way you can autograph our book for us when we order it?

Rosa Elmore Ferguson said...

Thanks Anonymous! Happy Reading

Rosa Elmore Ferguson said...


Thanks for your comments.

Rosa Elmore Ferguson said...


That's exactly how I feel when reading! I like books that get to the point. I don't like to read books where the author feels they have to have a certain number of words for the book to be complete, that's when the author starts using flowery words.

I really liked your comments:
"You took us on a journey without holding us hostage."

Rosa Elmore Ferguson said...


You can mail the books along with a self addressed stamped envelope to me so I can autograph them to you.

Good question!

Rosa Elmore Ferguson said...


You can also order autographed books directly from me! (I forgot to add that part)

Rosa Elmore Ferguson said...

A special thanks to SORMAG blog site and LaShaunda for hosting me today. A big shoutout to Yolanda Johnson-Bryant. And thanks to all who joined me in chatting about my books and my adoption.

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