Thursday, January 13, 2011

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: We Ain't The Bronte


Charity Lavender Evans is a national best-selling author. She has not achieved the success of her sister, Lynzee Lavender, who is a New York Times best-selling science fiction author.

No matter how hard Charity tries, she is unable to get her contract renewed. It’s been seven years.

Lynzee drops a bomb on Charity, and tells her that her husband, Jett, is the father of the daughter she bore thirty-three years ago and gave up for adoption. Charity doesn’t believe her. She hires a private detective.
Charity finds out from her friend, Herman, that Lynzee had her blacklisted. Charity is appalled. Charity contacts Lynzee who denies it. Lynzee is still putting pressure on Charity to tell Jett the truth about his daughter. Charity is in total denial.

Without a contract renewal, Charity and Jett are forced to sell their dream home. Jett secures a job as an automobile salesman. Shortly thereafter, Charity gets a job as a car salesman, too, but still continues to write novels.

Charity’s hard work pays off and she gets a new contract. Eventually the book, “Revelations,” becomes a New York Times best seller. Revelations also exposes a part of Lynzee’s past that she’s embarrassed about. She files a five million dollar civil suit against Charity. Lynzee’s career and book sales plummet.

Jett eventually finds out about his daughter. He is furious at Charity for lying to him. Jett files for a divorce. Trying to define her life, as a wife, mother, sister, and writer, will cause Charity to make some drastic changes that will eventually make her a stronger woman. But Charity’s problems are not over. Someone is playing nasty tricks on her. She fears for her life. Jett and Charity debate if it’s his ex-lover or April who is trying to hurt her. Everyone is shocked to find out who it truly is.

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