Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My Facebook Needs A LIFT

By Jamillah Warner

I don’t know about you, but between (1) the movie, The Social Network, (2) the book, Accidental Millionaires and (3) the fact this site is the only real competition for Google (their words, not mine), I hear the name Facebook quite a bit. If you are an author planning to market your business, then Facebook is the elephant in the room. It is worth the effort it takes to learn how to ride that beast (for your own benefit). According to Alexa.com, after a short half decade, this social site is the second most used website online. Consequently, it is no longer a question of

“Should I be on Facebook,”



It’s easy to wonder why you need a Facebook page when you already have a profile. But the differences can be astounding. In the spirit of being KiSSED (Keyed In Set Straight Educated & Delivered) from complication, below are three bite-sized tips about using Facebook pages.

The Page.

Did you know that your profile has a limit? You can only have 5000 friends. So today you have a hundred and it just doesn’t seem that important. But, imagine the moment when all the marketing work that you do finally pays off. The last thing you want to deal with is turning away friend number 5001, 5002, 5003 – you get the picture. Having a fan page makes it unlimited!

The Event.

Event planning is built into the fan page. You can list every program, conference, radio show that you will be a part of starting from today and going as far as your calendar will take you. When the event gets closer you can “share” it with your fans and see who will attend. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the etiquette of talking too much business in social settings. The people signing up to be a fan want to know what you are up to professionally, so “share.” If you choose, you can save your personal page for more intimate friends.

The Name.

Although you can do this with your profile, it’s still cool for your business page too. After you acquire about 25 fans, you can apply for your name. Why is that important? Because future fans can find you at Facebook.com/yourCOOLname instead of Facebook.com/some-painfully-awful-and-ridiculously-long-name-that-noone-will-remember (not even you). Now, you can put that on the bottom of your business card, right up under your website, and welcome the world to get social with you and your literature.

To create a page of your own, visit our SORMAG fan page (be sure to “like” us while you are there!). Look in the left sidebar near the bottom and click “Create a Page for My Business.”

That’s it for today.


You have just been KISSED by Jamillah Warner, Keyed In Set Straight Educated & Delivered from complication. Jamillah is a writer with a passion for business. Her work has been published on multiple websites and magazines including SmallBizTrends.com and Phenomenal Woman Magazine. Expect another KISS next month.

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