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Women, What The Hell are You Thinking Now Blog Tour

About the Author

Cheryl Donovan has developed a unique voice that manifests itself through her literary endeavors. Her newest contribution, “Women What in Hell are You Thinking Now: Transform Your Thinking to Transform Your Life compels women to look at themselves and their lives and take inventory. If they don’t like what they see then it’s time to clean the clutter.

Donovan grew up in Houston, Texas the daughter of parents who divorced when she was four. Her father is a prominent Baptist preacher in Houston. In spite of the vicissitudes of life which found Cheryl a pregnant teen in an abusive marriage, she has now become a highly sought after inspirational speaker, educator, talk show host, and award winning author.
Donovan lives in Houston with her husband Keith Donovan, who made his writing debut in Do You Still Do What Happens Happily Ever After, the couples transparent piece on the realities of relationships and what it takes to have a marriage of purpose. They are the parents of three adult children and grandparents to two handsome grandsons.

For more information about the release of Donovan’s new book “Women What in Hell are You Thinking Now: Transform Your Thinking to Transform Your Life visit or

Book Trailer

You are an Evangelist and ordained Minister of the Gospel. What prompted you to write this book for women?

Over the years, I’ve shared many of my experiences and testimonies of things that happened to me and others I cross in my daily profession as a medical instructor .I originally wrote a similar book about two
years ago which addressed some of those issues but in this book, I tackle them head on with practical applications for implementation had no idea my mess would someday be a message for others. That’s the Holy Spirit for you. He brings things full circle in your life. Many of us are experiencing a spiritual disconnect in most cases. We believe our problems are carnal rather than spiritual. You want to do the right thing but are confronted with situations that are counter intuitive to all your values, cultural and spiritual, and you have to balance them all. It’s tough. So I wrote Women What the Hell are You Thinking Now? to help women get through the tough days with grace and know that God loves them and is with them no matter what.

What life lessons have you experienced personally that have nurtured and shaped who you are today?

Christians are not immune to the vicissitudes of life. Understanding this reality has helped me cope with the setbacks and unexpected pitfalls I’ve faced. Jesus said we’d have in this world but to be of good cheer because he’d overcome the world (John 16:33). That’s the good news. Christ is with us He never leaves us or forsakes us.

What is, or are, some of the common mistakes, or mis-informed choices that prevent women in developing spiritually, or building positive relationships?

We allow others to define us. Who we are and who we should be rather than looking to the creator for the answer. Many of us have unction or yearning inside about who we are and what we should be doing to build the Kingdom but we allow the enemy to lie to us and convince us otherwise. We forget that with Christ we can do all things and that he can take the foolish things and confound the wise. We are more than conquerors and we shouldn’t allow fear to consume us.

What are you hoping women will take away from your book, i.e., personally, emotionally, and/or spiritually?

I want women to understand how important to they are to God. The Kingdom of God lives within in each of us. Therefore, we already have everything we need to operate in our God given purpose. Once we get that we can truly experience the abundant life God intended for us to have.

What is next for you? Do you have plans to write other devotional/spiritual books, and how can readers reach you?

I plan to continue traveling the country ministering to women and I will continue writing books of inspiration including devotionals, journals, and other inspirational material. Anyone wishing to contact me can do so at They can also visit the website

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About the book

God has a big life for you, one that has peace, joy, and wholeness. His plan includes love and value, purpose and fulfillment, provision and supply.

Whatever has caused you to be broken, the areas in your life that aren’t working or are ineffective, the areas where you feel powerless, doing nothing and going nowhere, God wants to put them back together again!

But you can’t get to the upper level when you’re stuck on the ground floor.

Cheryl’s book Women What the Hell are You Thinking Now, will help you …
• Identify strongholds in your life and tear them down
• Realign your thoughts to create purposeful thinking
• Speak to your mountains and experience freedom from a non- productive life
• Enjoy the abundant life God intended for you

• Title: Women What the Hell are You Thinking Now
• Author: Cheryl Lacey Donovan
• ISBN: 978-0-9829672-9-4
• Price: $15.00

First Chapter

Webster’s defines virtuous as conformity to a standard of right. Most of us have heard of the “Virtuous Woman” found in Proverbs Chapter 31. She’s the pinnacle of Christian womanhood. She’s upright, strong, courageous, wise, and kind. She’s every woman’s model of what a woman should be. She’s faithful and industrious and she fears God. She’s strong and able to endure. She knows when it’s time to watch, when it’s time to fight, and when it’s time to pray. Her self-esteem is high because she knows that she’s a child of the King and that she’s more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ. She believes no weapon formed against her will prosper and God can make her enemies her footstool even in the most trying of circumstances. A virtuous woman would never allow a man to rob her of her dignity or her virtue by sleeping around, acquiescing to domestic violence, or sleeping with him when he’s married. A virtuous woman would know these things are not of God because they demean her self-worth and tear down her communication with the Almighty. A virtuous woman would also be wise enough to know that after everything she’s done, her God is a forgiving God and He’s faithful to His Word.

Women are more than sugar and spice and everything nice. They are fearfully and wonderfully made by God and we women need to learn how to align our view of ourselves with God’s view of us. Far too often we allow the situations in our lives to consume us and tear us down. But this isn’t the will of God for our lives. God’s plans for us are always good and we need to review those plans and incorporate them into our daily living.
Now that we know who we are and whose we are let’s be real. Women, what in the hell are you thinking; and I do mean hell, because the situations we allow ourselves to be placed in are straight from the pit of hell designed by the enemy himself to take us out. They’re planned by the powers and principalities of Satan to undermine the order of God and the woman’s divine position in that order. The Bible is full of strong, righteous, courageous, God fearing, women: Esther, who put her life on the line for her people, Deborah who was a fearless leader, and Hannah who prayed for what she wanted and received favor from God. These were women who were faced with issues of life twists and turns that could’ve surely taken them off course and yet they found a way to seek God’s face and persevere.

Being the backbones of their families we see even in Proverbs 31:13- 27, the bible speaks of the important roles women play in the lives of their families. They’re the caretakers of their homes speaking with wisdom, they set about their work vigorously and their arms are strong for their tasks; yet, many of us suffer with low self-esteem, broken hearts, wounded souls and dead spirits. We don’t live in the glory of our divine placement. We personify an outward appearance of happiness, while living in pure hell on the inside. To the naked eye we seem joyful, courageous and in control while on the inside we’re scared little girls wishing somebody anybody would rescue us. We need to take our lives back. God wants to restore us.

He wants to reconstruct what’s been broken down. What looks like trash in your life can be restored and bring about reformation. You’ve gone through the devastation of divorce, disease, loss of friends, family and finances. You’re looking at what’s left after using external solutions to fix internal chaos and you think it’s all over. Instead of getting to the root of the problem you just prune the outside branches. Leading to our detriment too often we engage in continuous patterns of over eating, indulging in chemical fixes – alcohol, drugs, smoking, over working, using our career as our identity, rescuing people, being a savior, expecting too little, putting up walls, emotional distancing, people pleasing.

Ultimately we suffer from controlling behavior, distrust, perfectionism, intimacy problems. Or even worse we form ungodly attachments to people or mindsets of un-forgiveness, bitterness, malice,

Women what in hell are you thinking now? As long as you allow these things to control your life you’ll be stuck in a never-ending pit that will engulf you and never release you until you realize you are daughters of the King, daughters of the Most High God. It’s time to get rid of the clutter. Don’t be consumed by fear. It’s not of God. Man doesn’t have a heaven or hell to send you to so walking in a place of people pleasing can only hinder you from receiving what God has for you. As long as you keep allowing the same difficulties to consume you your life will be crowded, confused, disordered and full of junk. Don’t be conformed to this world but transform yourself by the renewing of your mind. Get rid of negative self- talk and negative self- images that keep playing themselves over and over in your head. Align yourself with God’s word and see the amazing transformation that can take place in your life. No, this doesn’t mean that every day will be rosy, but your outlook on life, even in trying times, will be joyous because you know that God is still in control even in the midst of your bad circumstances. As long as you trust in Him all things will work together for good.

Trying to push you down life will cause you to face disappointments and setbacks. Feelings of failure will cloud your mind deceiving you into believing you haven’t been forgiven for past failures or sins. Trusting God seems impossible because you still believe He’s forgotten about you in the midst of your troubles. The issues of life; bad news concerning your health, a relationship that went south, all these are setbacks.

Discouragement, loss of enthusiasm, temptation to settle where you are keeps drawing your focus away from the things of God and places it squarely on the things that weigh you down. But if you’re going to see God’s best, you have to have a “bounce-back” mentality. Knocked down, you don’t stay down. You get back up again. You don’t get bitter, you get better. You have to know that every time hardship comes, your setback is a setup for a comeback!

Your spirit man may be trying to get you to commit suicide but in these pages I speak life to your spirit and remind you that God has deposited too much in you for you to die. But Psalm 118:17-says I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord. There is kingdom work that must be done and God wants to use you. You must be about your Father’s business!
Pity parties, depression, soaking yourself in the cares of this world blaming everyone else for your problems none of this will get you any closer to the life God has planned for you. The kingdom is waiting for you to position yourself for the greatness God has in store for you. Time is out for sitting and pondering on what you’re going through. Cast your cares upon God, knowing that he cares for you. I Peter 5:7 (KJV).

Everything happens, everything exists, and everything was created to give God glory. Even your struggles are an opportunity for God to get the glory.
Trouble don’t last always! There’s a plan and destiny that God has for you. Chief architect of your life He’s building you up to be all He’s ordained you to be.

God is revealing the glory through your suffering. God is establishing you in the midst of what you’re going through. In the end, it will be worth it!
You are pregnant with purpose, pregnant with greatness. Allow the baby to be born. Don’t permit the enemy to abort the baby. God has deposited something great on the inside of you and it’s time for your delivery! Let the weak say I’m strong and the poor say I’m rich; Rich with the power of the Spirit, Rich with the Word of God, Rich with health, Rich with strength and courage. Take authority over the enemy and declare dominion over everything God has for you. Reclaim your purpose, reclaim your hopes, reclaim your destiny, and reclaim your dreams!

God has a big life for you, one that has peace, joy, and wholeness. His plan includes love and value, purpose and fulfillment, provision and supply. Whatever has caused you to be broken, the areas in your life that aren’t working or are ineffective, the areas where you feel powerless, doing nothing and going nowhere, God wants to put them back together again! But you can’t get to the upper level when you’re stuck on the ground floor.

The pages that follow will speak to the inner recesses of your soul and cause you to really look at yourself in a way that perhaps you’ve never done before. This introspection will cause you to stand up and take notice of the woman that God has called you to be and to never again allow Satan to trick you into the behaviors of the past. Even if you aren’t where you want to be right now don’t despair. God isn’t through with you yet. You are a unique woman with a unique plan designed by God just for you. Women What in Hell are you Thinking Now uses life lessons and biblical principles that will inspire you to walk in the life God has ordained for you. I pray that this book will help you to become whole in your mind, your body, and your spirit

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