Tuesday, May 17, 2011


KISS #3: Do You Have A Social Media Dashboard?
by Jamillah Warner 

Tired of forgetting about your Facebook fan page? Your Twitter account? Your LinkedIn Community (and the list goes on)?  With all these options (and let’s remember your blog too), it’s easy to forget about consistent updates, and just cop out of the entire social network thing. I mean you are there, but you don’t say much. Well, there’s help.  

HootSuite Media, Inc has created an effective and affordable tool that makes it simpler  to engage in social networking. It’s a social media dashboard.  You can log into one place and update every place.  HootSuite has a nice interface and it’s easy use but it’s all the information under the hood that makes it priceless to your social media marketing plans.  
3 Things to Know:
  • SOCIAL UPDATES: You can schedule your tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn updates days, weeks and months ahead of time. It also works with MySpace, Facebook fan pages and Ning networks.
  • BLOG UPDATES: You can create automatic tweets and Facebook updates for your blog.  Meaning, every time you launch a new blog article, HootSuite will update your networks automatically (after you set this up, of course).
  • TRACKING: It’s the statistics that let’s you know whether your marketing campaigns are working.  They are integrated into HootSuite. You can see how many clicked on your link and determine how well people are responding to you. It’s the knowing that gives you the power to make educated marketing changes. 

Everyone should have an assistant.  Someone to help you with important, simple repetitive tasks.  These tools make you feel like you have one.  You can set it and forget it.  HootSuite will even send you a note when your tweet or update goes live. With help like this you can go on with the rest of your busy life and just know that you are not dead silent online.  

BE ADVISED: You still need to talk to people, go to their pages and comment on their life.  Conversation is a two way street, and it’s your responsibility to engage. The tools just make it easier to schedule your updates.  Here’s a simple example, you have an upcoming book reading in New York and you want your friends to know, remember and drop by.  Use these tools to schedule a series of updates including a reminder an hour before the event (when you are too busy to think of it, HootSuite can handle it for you—just schedule it ahead of time). 

Find out more about HootSuite and get strategically social.  Once you see it in action and start brainstorming, you’ll come up with all kinds of uses for your own social communication. After all, there are half a million people on Facebook alone and about 145,000 on Twitter.  With 50% of Facebook users logging in every week, that’s a great opportunity to connect.

That it’s for today. 

You have just been KISSED by Jamillah Warner, Keyed In Set Straight Educated & Delivered from complication. Jamillah is a writer with a passion for business. Her work is published on multiple websites and magazines including SmallBizTrends.com and Phenomenal Woman Magazine. Expect another KISS next month.

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